If you want to learn some things and to do them well, you should learn them from people who are savvy in this area. For example, if you like football, you learn how to play from the best players.

It is called stimulation: find a good forex mentor and follow the principles that help the trader earn profits. Then try to carve this winning behaviour in your mind.

I spent a few years recording conversations from losers and winners, observing their lives, their trading styles, beliefs and principles. There is a great difference between the winners and the losers.

Now let’s discuss the winners

What they have in common
Winners and traders are enticed by the idea of trading. They live in this. For both winners and losers trading is an exciting undertaking. The greatest loser I know trades with the same greed and intention as any winner.

Irrespective if you are a winner or a loser, a distinctive feature of them both is that they are not sociable.

Both groups lead an extreme way of life. They see the world in black and white colours. The losers become so frustrated, they indulge in trading, but as they have been doing everything wrong from the very beginning; they experience constant losses.

And now let’s discuss the losers. They aim to make fast and big profits. Everyone has had an inner conversation about their deals before opening position, same as several days later for the closing position.

They are satisfied when they trade, irrespective if they lose or win. They enjoy the process. It looks like a trading fever that is spread throughout their bodies.

Some common points are in trading solutions and finance management. Losers pay not so much attention to money management. One person told me that trading is not about money management, but your right or wrong trading decisions.

Somebody asked if it is possible to make money for living through trading. And he didn’t believe that it is possible to get regular incomes through forex.

Now let’s talk about the winners
Where should I start? It is surprising, but winners asked me as many questions as I asked them. Losers do not ask me questions at all.

Both women and men can remember one great loss that stay carved on their minds as something that they would like to avoid. Thus, they use stops and do not accept blind deals. They listen to their intuition when making deals.

Losers tend to search and shift from one market to another. When winners research and buy.

The winners believe that they can make money and do not have bad thoughts in their minds. They have an aura of protection around them and they just do not take impulsive decisions.

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