Direct Pay Profits: Another MLM Scam?


A new opportunity for network marketers to make money called Direct Pay Profits recently started its pre-launch phase.  While reviewing this site I couldn’t help but notice similarities between the site design, graphics and terminology used in the text and the website. I have yet to find any definitive answer about the owner(s) of PayBox and am looking for my readers to contribute any information that they have uncovered during their own research in the comments section below or in this websites forum. The visual similarities aside, Direct Pay Profits and PayBox seem to be very different programs.


So Why Is Direct Pay Profits Different?


The first essential difference is that DirectPayProfits is offering to pay their affiliates is US dollars and not a virtual currency. Direct Pay Profits is free to join, at least during their pre-launch phase and will add $10 to your account once it is set up. The initial account set up process requires you to give them your name and email. One inconvenience that has become all too familiar is that you must wait until the official launch before you’re able to get paid. Direct Pay Profits says the minimum pay out is $50 and in order to get paid once they launch you will have to provide additional information such as your social security number or tax id number.  Once Direct Pay Profits goes into full launch the cost will be $29.97 per month. Individuals will receive $20 per month for each paying customer that they refer to the service. Direct Pay Profits is also offering a $100 bonus for referring 10 paying customers.


Who Runs Direct Pay Profits?


Unlike the ambiguous ownership of, Direct Pay Profits is owned and operated by internet marketers Derrick Van Dyke and Todd Gross. Both of whom have personal webpages and numerous social media accounts. While some portions of Direct Pay Profits website are not yet fully operational like the forum and training center, the frequently asked questions does provide more visibility into their plans than most programs. Also, according to the Direct Pay Profits website they plan to launch sooner rather than later and say they will finish the pre-launch phase by the weekend of March 11. As with any internet marketing program many people have drastically different and sometimes opposing experiences so please tell everyone what you think about Direct Pay Profits and if you leave some in depth information feel free to also post your referral link below in the comments section. As with any MLM or Affiliate program I suggest you do your own, more extensive research beyond the scope of this article before you give personal or bank information to them.


Update On PayBox


You may wonder why I’ve mentioned PayBox so much in this article. Well it has been around for nearly six months now and I thought it was time to provide another update on what they are up to. There has been no word yet on what value the PayBox Currency may have and they have opened up voting on designs for debit cards. To my knowledge they have not issued debit cards to any users. They have said that they are working on changing their name and re-branding their website (like I said they would have to in a previous article, as the trademark PayBox is owned by another, unrelated company). Another change I’ve noticed is that they have removed all Google Ads from the site, if anyone knows why they did that please let me know below this article.