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The feedback has been awesome – a lot of traders are making money with it, so I’m very pleased with that. But some traders said they needed more training on this strategy, and could use a tool to save them time (time is money, after all). This new tool accomplished both, and like ElementalTrader, you get access for free, and no opt-in is required:

If you have major commitments and don’t have time to spend all day trading, then you need TradeFinder, which scours every chart for every currency pair, finds fully formed patterns (which reveal when the market is about to change direction), and then lists them out for you so you can pick and choose.

Dustin Pass, who brought both ElementalTrader and TradeFinder to us, has informed me that everyone who visits this site in the next couple of days will get access at no cost, as in COMPLIMENTARY! He has also uploaded a great training/demonstration video on how to use it. He filmed a trade from start to finish that he found using the TradeFinder software.

So now you have a great timesaving tool and additional training on how to trade using these naturally occurring patterns that are hidden in every chart – now they are revealed quickly, easily, and you are the beneficiary of both of these killer tools, so act on this now. TradeFinder is searching every time compression on 23 major currency pairs – so the number of trades you’ll have to choose from is substantial, and they are ONLY trades that ElementalTrader has identified as having a 70-90% chance of being winners! Go for it!

Some days, it rains gifts… and this is one of them. I’ve never demanded that you do anything, yet now, I INSIST that you go watch this video now because it will be so personally beneficial to you: Watch that video, then let me know what you think. This is worth every second of your valuable time! Sorry for being so secretive, but time is of the essence and access is VERY limited. No opt-in is required for this!