Epic Social is a new and revolutionary social networking service. It is almost completely community-based with only basic moderation (to prevent illegal activity etc.), but everything else that happens on the site is up to the members. It is still a very new website, but we really think that this idea could work. Click to visit this Revolutionary, New, Social Networking Service today. It is the members of the site which shape it’s future.

You don’t need to register, signup or login; you can simply visit the site and start posting entries or creating topics right away. You can use your name, an alias or choose to be completely anonymous. It’s a different type of social networking which I think has been undeveloped. Epic Social combines a public forum with a microblogging service, to what we think is great effect.

We are very much in support of online freedom of speech, which is why we have left the community so open to do and say what they want. We have gotten rid of a lot of the issues with privacy etc. which plagued other social networking websites such as Facebook and MySpace by removing the concept of profiles altogether. You can create a topic, and then others can post in it. Nobody is excluded. We even have new systems which can detect which topic a post will fit best into, and our server can move it there automatically. We even have code which can rank the topics based upon popularity (how many posts it has, how many times the topic has been viewed), and we’re currently programming a new feature which allows you to create sub-topics. You can let the world know how you’re feeling by creating a topic and posting in it (like writing a Facebook status), but then, a few minutes later, you can see more posts from more people in the same topic and the same situation; and a few hours later, there may even sub-topics created from your original topic, which in turn have even more posts. You can spark up huge discussions, debates and entire social communities with just a few clicks. That’s what makes Epic Social so special, and, potentially, so powerful.

We believe that this service has a lot of potential; and since the site is so new, you’ll be some of the first people to actually use it! Just click to visit this Social Networking Website, and have a look around, make a few posts, perhaps even create a topic or two? No registration is required, so it takes literally seconds to try it all out. We have allowed you, the community, to make Epic Social what you want it to be. We’re hoping to have a huge online community be soon, and it would be great if you could be part of it!

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