Take a look at the new FAPTurbo Version 54. Discover the FX Speed Trader Robot that turned $500 into $969K in 14 months. Watch these Forex Income Engine Trade Alert Software FREE forex training videos that show how to reduce risk to zero in a trade and how to filter out bad trades. Steve, Mike, and Terra, the FAPTurbo team: As you may know we are continually improving and developing FAPTurbo behind the scenes to make our flagship product increasingly better, more profitable, and up-to-date with modern market conditions. We listen to your suggestions and try to implement most of them!

Our Renewed Commitment to You!

Fapturbo has been going strong for a long time now and we wanted to let you know that we keep working and developing so you can get the most out of your membership! (FREE of any future charges with your lifetime membership!) Our trading community has grown to over 85,000 happy members and we want to make sure each one of you is on the perfect track for raking in tons of profits in the forex market. In these troubled times, when the forex niche is overrun by worthless crappy products, we want to take a stand.

We believe in true customer care and we know we can milk the forex markets together for our mutual benefit. We work as a team and we want to include you in the process. Forex is wonderfully profitable with a relatively small learning curve (thanks to automated trading robots, such as Fapturbo) and once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you will be glad you took the time and effort to understand what forex is all about. But enough talk… it’s time for the facts! It is our pleasure to announce our latest development in the FAPTurbo phenomenon! It’s been secretly generating amazing profits; however, we wanted to make sure to iron out every glitch and issue before releasing our baby to you.

Introducing *drumroll* —> Fapturbo version 54!

What is new with FAPT54? Why the buzz??
Meet the FAPT NEW settings! Finally after 1 year of testing and tweaking we are extremely pleased to introduce the new settings to the Fapturbo scalping system. They were developed by our pro trader, Tony, who is also responsible for developing great settings for Fapturbo Ichimoku, which is already very profitable! It works really well on both back tests and forward tests! The results are on the site.

What is the difference between Fapturbo 54 and Fapturbo -Ichimoku?
Fapturbo -Ichimoku is a bonus that is a part of the package. It uses the powerful Ichimoku filter for the scalping strategy. Fapturbo 54 uses the original algorithm with the new settings and no Ichimoku filter. Both robots are very powerful and can be used in combination! If you are an active Fapturbo Member, you are entitled to a free update and can download fapturbo54 in the members area!

How do I install Fapturbo 54?
If you are a current Fapturbo client, please go to the Members area “Download” section, and download the new Easy Installer and run it! Or you can use the manual ZIP installation, place fapturbo54.Ex4 in your /experts folder. And don’t forget to replace the original fapturbo3.dll in the libraries folder with a new one. You’re done. That’s it !! If you are not a client yet, just purchase a license and you will receive BOTH Fapturbo54 and Ichimoku together in the SAME package.