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As a private, Professional FX Trader, trading FX for 13 years (10 yr’s Professionally), I did not think there was anyone or any education out there that could really teach me much of anything that I did not already know or think I knew. BOY, WAS I WAS MISTAKEN! I initially decided to get Tom Strignano’s FX Signals to see if they would save me time on my daily analysis, but after getting to know the signals and Tom himself, I enrolled in his personal mentor class. I must admit, I did not expect much more than a refresher of former teachings but was I wrong, very wrong. I learned more in 3 weeks of personal sessions with Tom than I had in the last 10+ years trading for a living. His methods helped me to increase my trading profits by more than double in just a couple weeks and once I had a clear grasp of all the new tool’s and teachings, my profit’s and confidence soared! His teachings have also forced me to break many of my bad habits acquired over the years.

I trade respectable size of 50 to 150 LOT’s (5 to 15 Million), and with size comes risk. I would never even think about now trading without Tom’s charts or method’s. In addition, I would like to sincerely express my deepest appreciation to Tom and would also like to convey that if you’re interested in trading FX, you will save yourself a small fortune by using his services. If you really want to trade for a living, you need his education and tools. They truly put’s all others to shame, and I can tell you that I have probably spent over 100k on educational courses over the years with so-called experts and this is the 1st testimonial I’ve given. Tom is the real deal and he proves it day in and day out live in the market.

His experience has been invaluable and his methods and tool’s are not difficult to learn. They will however change the way you trade and look at the markets in a matter of day’s. They give you a clear view of the current market conditions and what to trade while giving you confidence in your entries and exits. With proper money management and his methods, I believe that anyone that is serious about making money trading FX, will be able to do so with his teaching and tools. Honestly, there is just too much to say in a simple testament about how valuable this has all been to me and my clients.

Michael S.

Scottsdale AZ