Most people do not use forex exit strategies when trading forex.

When splitting a system, most traders will have different opinions on the most vital parts of a forex trading system or any other kind of trading system for that matter, are exist strategy.

It’s obvious, the other parts of a system are also vital, such as the entry rules, the tools that are traded and the time frames that are used, but the exit strategy determines the overall success of a system.

Here are 5 things that you should know about forex exit strategies.

Here they are:
1. Dragging stops are one type of exit strategy used in forex trading systems.
The main goal is to protect profits. They do this in 2 ways. First of all they allow enough “room to breathe” so that even small changes in the currency price will not stop you out of the trade and thus “make profits flow”. It is vital.

Next, they are trailed up in an extended trade, in this way shielding your profits as the trade moves your way, but suddenly exits you from the trade when the trade moves against you. In the whole, dragging stops do not go backwards, because if they did, they will no longer protect your profits.

2. The aim of the initial stop is to get you out of the trade if the trade moves in the wrong direction in the beginning of the trade.

Generally, many systems have both an initial and dragging stops. In some systems a dragging stop rely on price fluctuations, and these technical points can only be formed some time after the trade is entered.

A perfect initial stop should give “room to breathe” also, but not so big as to cause the risk in the trade (the divergence between the entry value and the initial stop) to be too big. If the trade is too risky, then the trade amounts will be small.

3. “Take profit” aims another forex exit strategy.
Most forex are used in forex trading in particular, because the volatility of the market can cause the price change and get out at your trailing stop before you take a profit.

So these take profit targets are applied, presuming that they enhance the profitability or decrease the drawdown of the system, as defined by back testing or forward testing the forex trading system.
4. Profitable stops are another widely used forex exit strategy.
When entering a trade with initial and trailing stop in place and the currency moves in the direction of your trade, the trailing stops can be moved to breakeven, that is, to the same price or beyond the entry price.

The goal of this type of stop is to make profits higher and decrease drawdown.

5. At last, you should understand that in forex trading, many systems exit a trade in a definite time before a major economic event.

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