Download the Forex Master Method Candlestick Patterns Recognition Sofware Plus Line Trader EA FREE. Try this Price Action 5 Strategy by Robert Jones that makes 100s of pips per week. Take a look at the Forex EA Lab that have over 100+ forex robots reviewed in detail with live trading. Russel Horn has an absolutely fantastic piece of Forex Master Method software for you today…it’s totally on the house so don’t worry about grabbing your wallet. I know most people probably don’t know their “piercing lines” from their “Harami Crosses” but some people study candlestick patterns and swear by their efficacy. In fact, they say it’s the ONLY way to trade. I wouldn’t go that far myself of course…We like to use a lot of different things all at once. But…it certainly is very, very effective if you can see the patterns when they come up.

The only problem is that there’s so many of them and it takes so long to judge their strength that by the time you know what to do about it, the move has already begun and it’s too late. Russ has had a bunch of guys make this software especially for him to share with us today. This will recognize the pattern and gauge its strength so you’ll know exactly what to do when it comes up.

Patterns like these are basically signals…and quite accurate ones we might add…of where the trend is going to go. A large percentage of the time, the move is IMMEDIATE. This is the first gift in the run up to June 1st when Russ will be releasing the Forex Master Method. If you’re wondering exactly what the Forex Master Method is…he sheds a bit of light on it at the beginning of today’s video. Tomorrow we’re getting Russ Horn’s Line Trader Software valued at $499!

We’re on day 2 on the road to the Forex Master Method. We had no idea what this was going to be until Russ showed us the video that he made explaining this indicator. This is one of the most groovy indicators that you could possibly get your hands on!

He explains everything in the video, he shows you how to install it AND he shows you how to use it. Not bad for the price of a visit! A simple thing like having an indicator recognize a “long upper shadow” or a “long lower shadow” is INVALUABLE…because let’s be honest here…You’re not thinking about stuff like that all the time. Sometimes when you’re manually trading you get tunnel vision and only see what you’re looking for.

Suddenly an opportunity comes up and you miss it simply because it wasn’t what you were looking for. In fact, 95% of traders out there don’t even know about these patterns and what they represent. You can set the indicator to look for “Shooting stars” , “Marubozo’s”, “Dark cloud cover” and a host of other patterns.

Russ had this software designed specifically as a little party treat for the run up to June 1st. You’re not going to find this anywhere else, so you’d better grab it while you can! By the way, if you’re wondering what the Forex Master Method is all about, the first part of the video will give you a little insight… There’s something even BETTER coming up tomorrow!