Download the Forex Master Method Line Trader EA FREE. Test drive the Currency Cashflow Machine that turned $50K into $750K in 12 months RISK FREE for 90 days. Take a look at this Forex EA Lab that have over 100+ forex robots reviewed with detailed live trading results. The road to the Forex Master Method continues today and Russ has just upped the ante! If you thought that the Candlestick pattern recognition software was good, then this is REALLY going to impress you! This “Line Trader” software was specifically designed for the Forex Master Method party, but to be perfectly honest, when I saw this the first time, I thought it was a little too good…too good to just give away. But, when Russ does anything, he does things big!

If you’re a manual trader, you’re going to love this software. Russ explains how everything works in todays video, but here’s the short version. You can set all your variables, take profit, stop loss etc and basically…you can trade just by places lines on your chart. Support and Resistance…Trendlines…just slap them on to the chart and the EA will place trades based on how you’ve set it up.

This is a great tool and could easily be sold for $499, so grab a copy right now. Also, if you didn’t manage to get the Candlestick recognition software yesterday, it’s still available on the website along with the video that explains how it works. Tomorrow Russ has another present for us called the “INFOcator”, so don’t forget to check again! If you haven’t entered the competition, now would be a great time…

We received some fantastic feedback about Russ Horn’s Candlestick recognition software yesterday, if you missed that for any reason, you can still get it here: Today Russ has something even better up his sleeve, it’s called the “Line Trader”. We just downloaded it a little while ago and we can’t seem to get enough!

This is a VERY cool piece of software. If you trade with support and resistance OR using trendlines, you are going to LOVE this tool! The EA can place trades for you just by you drawing a line…after you configure it of course. You can set your take profit, your stop losses etc. So you basically have something of an automated system, just draw your lines and if price goes x amount of pips above or below, a trade is initiated. Cool? WE think so!

Don’t forget, if you haven’t asked your question…you’d better do that soon. There’s some great prizes up for grabs. In today’s video Russ also reveals a little bit more about the Forex Master Method. The suspense is killing us! It all goes down on June 1st! In case you haven’t heard, this is a physical course and a limited number has been produced. They are DEFINITELY going to be sold out on day 1. Tomorrow Russ is giving away his “INFOcator” software valued at $199…watch out!