Download Winners Edge Trading Forex Power Indicator FREE. Discover this Finite Elements Trading System that will take you from the beginner to the pro level step by step. Get this Disciplined Trader 71 page eBook on How to Design and Construct Your Successful Trading Plan FREE. It seems that everyone has a different opinion as to which way the trend is. One thing is for sure, being able to identify the weakest and strongest currencies will put you well ahead of the curve. I ran into a great no cost application that identifies the weakest and strongest currencies giving you a pretty cool edge. Any way you can get it here.

This thing will show you the strongest trends on 4 different time frames. It also shows you the top 5 pairs based on each time frame. These types of finds typically don’t hang around very long so check it out now. I think it’s safe to say that we all know that trading with the trend will increase your profits. But what puzzles a lot of people is differentiating the strong trends from the weak ones…

Which is why I really want you to see Forex Power Indicator…It’s a unique tool that Casey Stubbs from Winners Edge Trading designed. It’s called The Forex Power Indicator and it will show you how to pinpoint only the strongest trending pairs.

This tool is totally complimentary, and you’ll be able to use it indefinitely. The Forex Power Indicator shows you the strongest trends on 4 different time frames. It also shows you the top 5 pairs based on each time frame. This gives you the flexibility to find trades no matter what your trading routine is. And if you know anything about me, you know I like anything that doesn’t leave you chained to your trading computer all day. As with any good training resource, Casey can’t keep this tool available for long, so get access to it before he has to take it down.

Norman Hallett here from The Disciplined Trader Training and Support Program: One thing I’ve discovered in 30 years of trading is that…”…the more traders you have invested in a particular direction, the more opportunity there is for big profit.”

Now this cuts both ways. You see…trends tend to build… and then give up. The safest way of trading is to identify a trend in the early/middle part of the ‘build’ and follow it until just before (or immediately after) it turns.

THE KEY: Have a tool to measure a trend’s power.

Well, that’s what a new rising star in the trading business, Casey Stubbs, has just come up with … The Forex Power Indicator… and it’s yours… complimentary!…All the ‘wise’ traders will tell you something to the effect… “The trend is your friend.” BUT…How do you know when the trend is about to end (which is usually when YOU get in!)? Those trend-ending sharp counter-moves are the kind of moves that can devastate an account. That’s what I like about “The Forex Power Indicator”.

It uses a unique measure to give you the signs of a building trend (that you should be riding) and will also let you know that you should NOT get in because the power is waning. The more tools like this you can add to your toolbox, the better… And As Always…. Stay Disciplined!