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With “The Sniper”, you trade straight from the chart with just your mouse. You can totally focus on trading, and not the platform. That saves those precious pips that are now safely stored in your account. You really need to see “The Sniper” in action to appreciate how you can’t scalp without it any longer. See the “Sniper” and all of the other powerful enhancements for yourself by signing up for one of our May 5 webinars.

A hungry lion in the African veldt chooses his prey wisely… He stalks a herd of antelope… biding his time as he scans for weaknesses… perhaps spotting the one animal falling slightly behind the rest of the herd… and when he finds that opportunity…

He Pounces!
Dinner served.

Lots of traders in the “wild and wooly” Forex market sadly relate to the antelopes… with the dreadful feeling they’re about to get slaughtered. Don’t you get EATEN! I want you to be the Forex Lion, and not the weakling antelope.

Here’s how…Now you can discover how you can “stalk” the Forex market and… just like the lion… scan for things “slightly out of the ordinary” that you can exploit for your immediate benefit… and in this case… super-sized pip gains.

You can do exactly that with the brand new C4 Currency Trend Tracker, built into the new and improved Forex Trader Pro 2.0 software. With the Trend Tracker, you can get an instant scan of all currency pairs by country.You’ll be able to track what each pair has done over several time periods. And you’ll be able to immediately spot those Golden Opportunities to bag big pip gains, almost at will.

Want to see how the C4 Currency Trend Tracker works its magic? Then join us at one of our May 5 Forex Trader Pro 2.0 demo webinars where my team and I will demonstrate the full functionality and enhancements of Forex Trader Pro 2.0. Remember, be the Lion and not the Antelope! With the C4 Currency Trend Tracker, you’ll also be able to see what’s happening to all currency pairs in the current trading sessions (Tokyo, London and New York). See how the Trend Tracker will make you a much more accurate Forex trader at one of the upcoming May 5 webinars.