Watch these shocking Forex Trader PRO 2.0 videos. Try the Forex PRO Toolkit RISK FREE for 60 days. Download these 3 Swing Trading Systems. New “Sniper” Forex software from OU Forex…In January of this year, OptionsU Forex Trader released the NEW Forex Trader Pro system. And Eager Forex traders snapped up the available courses in record time! Why?

Simple. Because Forex Trader Pro is quite possibly the most powerful Forex trading system on the market. And the feedback to date has been tremendous… In fact, dozens and dozens of user testimonials now confirm this. But don’t worry…

If you didn’t get in on the initial product launch, we have good news. OptionsU Forex Trader is ready to launch the ‘new and improved’ Forex Trader Pro 2.0. That’s right. They’ve made numerous enhancements to an already uber-effective Forex trading system, that makes it even better and easier to use! That means:

– LESS Time Learning and Using the System and Software!

– MORE Time Trading and Making Money!

– MORE Time Saving and Power-Trading Tools!

– MORE Powerful Technology to Turbo-charge Your Trading!

But frankly, there’s too much to describe here. So instead, they’ve created a series of videos to show you first-hand. In the first video, you’ll discover an enhancement that makes Forex trading so precise and accurate, it’s called “The Sniper.” 

With “The Sniper”, you’ll be able to navigate the sometimes treacherous Forex markets at least 3 times faster and easier than ever before, and bank an additional 15 to 45 pips per day like clockwork! (No, that’s not a misprint or mistake. We’re doing it daily, and have proof!)

Yes, It’s that powerful. But seeing is believing… So here’s where you can ‘See’ The Sniper in action for yourself…Don’t miss the first major improvement in Forex Trader Pro 2.0! See “The Sniper” in action here: And be on the lookout for my next email. I’ll show you how to “stalk” the Forex market for big gains. Keep an eye over the next few days for more videos and an ‘insider’ look at this powerful new system, the Forex Trader Pro 2.0…It’s going to change the way you trade Forex forever.

This Forex currency pair “Stalker” gives you an unfair advantage…A few days ago I told you about a video that demonstrates “The Sniper”… one of the exciting enhancements made for the Forex Trader Pro 2.0 system. Today I want to let you know about another pip-gain providing upgrade to Forex Trader Pro called the C4 Currency Trend Tracker.

This one is really interesting…It’s programmed to secretly “stalk” the current and historical currency pairs, and provide you with a candid “snapshot” of the market you can exploit for frequent and outsized pip gains. Again, there’s no way to do this breakthrough improvement justice via a post.