Any strategy of capital management is nothing else but the casino.

Forex and casinos are studied by a science which is called the “game theory”. Advantage of gaming house is such concept of a casino which designates that the majority of games have probability for a casino, and there where against it is for example, in poker or a blackjack.

Probability financial markets support the trader if its participant has enough wide experience of work in it. But the core here is nevertheless in the psychological factor. Here there is a ratio 95/5, instead of that the person can’t learn is correct to produce the auctions. Nevertheless capital management strategy is present both at a casino, and in forex. They can be proved that or other logic, but as a whole a principle at them general: the greatest resource can be entered into game then, under a condition it is final reasonable risks, when the price for game and chances above.

In a casino the player calculates probabilities of outcomes using the logic: as the example, on the basis of conclusions as the croupier throws a ball, or what card at him has appeared at game in poker. The trader in financial market produces the reasons on the basis of a statics, the arguments principles are based on THAT the “History repeats itself” and “the Price knows all”, or simply on the – being proved by THAT and THIS.

Proceeding from all aforesaid, it is possible to make a definitive question which the majority of “hazardous players” interests: there have to be both in a casino, and in forex, some likelihood events how to reach the best result at resource distribution at certain admissible risks?

Recently game in a casino and rates at stock exchanges Forex acquire slightly other character. First of all it concerns casino online. With the advent of a network the Internet play with figures became much more interesting as at players has appeared more chances of good luck and a prize. In this connection has appeared more strategy for victories.

Therefore the person aspires to find and offer some new and even more perspective variants of successful game. Having summed up this note, it is possible to draw a conclusion: it is possible to win everywhere where there is on that a possibility or where there is a movement of money…

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