With the hours passing away until the deadline for the country’s budget decision, some are nervous about the possible outcome if the two parties are not able to come to an agreement and decide to shut down. What a government shutdown means, is that most of the fed’s offices will not come to work until an agreement is made about the budget, which could run for a very long amount of time. As a business owner, here is how a government shutdown could impact you.

4.4 billion employees don’t come to work

For the few billion government employees who do not come to work, this means they more than likely will not be eager to spend their paychecks. If you run some kind of business that is in anyway dependent on government employees for sales, your profit margins could be crippled if a shutdown goes into effect.

Tax refund checks not sent out

If you are like the millions of other Americans who depend on their tax refund checks as income, you may be hit hard. This government service will be delayed if a shutdown occurs. If you use a refund check for bonuses, payments on office needs, or any other business expense, you may want to find an alternative sooner than later.

Federal Grants delayed

For the businesses that use federal grant money, you may be hit harder than mostt. Federal grants will more than likely be delayed to all businesses, including national parks and local tourist industries. This could mean that many of these businesses will be shut down temporarily.

If you expect your company to be impacted by these recent developments in a possible government shutdown, you may want to discover ways to get your business more exposure. Doing this can offset the amount of business you might lose in the event of a government shutdown. One way to do this is to get web exposure. Even if your company does not have a website there is at least one way you can quickly get your company an online presence, and this is with a local business yellow pages website.

There are many places on the web that that make it easy for you to establish business profiles where you can list your company name, address, hours of operation, and more. Many of these also allow you to list your current deals, coupons and promotions. At 7MainStreet.com you can even sell products directly from your company’s profile listing!

So, despite possible hard times coming in the near future, you should use this time as a way to expolore new options for your company that you may not have previously been aware of. In business, every obstacle should be viewed as a possibility to learn something new and grow your abilites as a business owner!

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