The high failure rate in internet marketing businesses is down to a number of different factors and by no means the least of which is lack of knowledge and technical understanding on the part of many who embark on such a career. Internet marketing is in different ways a completely different concept from its long established, offline equivalent and extensive knowledge of and considerable success in the latter does not preclude that similar will be realized in the former.

The high failure rate in internet marketing businesses has to be made to take account of the unique fashions in which internet marketing works. Search engine optimization is an alien concept to the offline world because the idea of linking to the websites of and probably even on the face of it promoting competitors or at least players in the same field as oneself would just not be something which will form a part of conventional marketing strategies. However, in the world of internet marketing this factor is one upon which the whole success is dependent.

Linking to similar websites as those which one produces oneself is vital to the success of any website or other online resources. There are links which are created in an outbound fashion and consequently gained inbound from elsewhere on the internet and thereafter the precise and defined levels of success to which they aspire. This means that internet marketing is much about linking to some other websites across the internet which afford quality information on one’s subject and thus easy access to the same for one’s website visitors. And this concept is almost alien to offline marketers and is a great factor in the high failure rate of internet marketing businesses.

As well the high failure rate in internet businesses is about the sheer number of similar businesses which have sprung in to being in recent times. The unprecedented success that is known by the few has led to dabbling in what are quite often for them uncharted waters and soon finding themselves floundering in what are quite calm seas. Quite often they make promises, which later they cannot keep. Traditionally this results in internet marketing businesses not just losing their customers, but as well the important word of mouth that yet remains such a tremendous factor in advertising and marketing ensuring that they are denied a lot of potential customers in the future.

High failure rate in internet marketing businesses are accounted for by mane other reasons, including the lack of wider understanding of the search engine optimization and its main principles. Of course, online marketing offers a lot of money to businesses, but still the failure statistics are likely to continue to make grim reading for some considerable time to come.

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