Perhaps you are considering mutual funds as a form of investment because you’ve been hearing so much about it. Questions, like what is it that makes mutual funds so popular and will you be able to benefit from it, enter your mind as you ponder if it is the right type of investment for you. For starters, mutual funds are very popular because it can give impressive returns of investments.

Aside from traditional investment options such as money market accounts and certificate of deposits, a mutual fund is one investment opportunity a novice can take part of. Stock markets and bonds are good investment options, but not all people have the time to learn the ins and outs of the trade. Thus, a mutual fund is perfect for a beginner as it allows you to test the waters before putting a huge amount of money in. A good advantage of mutual funds is the fact that it spreads its assets over several investment vehicles to minimize risks.

To fully understand the concept of mutual funds, it is important that we take a look at its history. Some historians believe that it was a Dutch merchant named Adriaan van Ketwitch who conceived the idea of mutual funds. But others believed that that the mutual fund concept started in the Netherlands when King William I launched his closed-end investment companies.

Nonetheless, Great Britain and France recognized how sound the investment opportunity is and established mutual fund companies in their respective countries. The United States caught up with these countries only in the 1890’s. The mutual fund of today is very much different from the mutual funds of the past. But the establishment of the Alexander Fund in Pennsylvania paved the way for the modern version of the mutual fund. In the following years, features like the ability to do withdrawals on request and semi-annual issues were added.

It was only with the establishment of the Massachusetts Investors Trust in 1924 that the modern mutual fund came to be. Roughly a year after the creation of the Trust, it has acquired assets totaling to almost $400,000.00 with 200 shareholders. In 1928, the fund offered its shares to the public. In the same year, another fund called the Wellington Fund was established. It was the first fund to include stocks and bonds as their investment options. Because of this the prices of stocks continued to rise making 1928 one of the most glorious years in mutual fund history.

Not long after came the Wall Street Crash of 1929. This was the worst stock market crash in history, which led to the Great Depression. But one positive thing emerged from these downtimes. Finally, the government noticed the advantage of the mutual fund industry and subsequently passed several laws to protect the investors.

This move was welcomed by the investors and trading in the stock market began to increase again. From then on, the mutual fund industry continued to flourish. Throughout the decades, more and more people become interested in mutual funds with its popularity ever climbing.

Now, a mutual fund is considered as a sound investment from investors all over the world. Whichever way you look at it, mutual funds still has a lot of room to grow in. And the good thing about it is that you can profit from this industry without risking too much.

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