The power of technology made the unimaginable and impossible, possible and doable. This has empowered people to do something beyond the traditional and the acceptable.

Without the Internet, who would ever think that people can exactly earn extra sums of money outside their workplace or designations? Or even make a full time living in the comforts of their home? Before, people thought of it as a myth and a total SCAM but those who are doing it prove them wrong, more so, they have done better. They are actually able to add more into their earnings even while they are sleeping or doing something else.

The most important thing you have to do first is to accept and believe that it is doable. You may even wake up on mornings when you are notified that some sales were made last night. Great! Moreover, there are tips available for you on how to make the money rolling towards you, inside your pocket.

Step 1 – Like in any other business, you have to PREPARE A PLAN! When people said they made money while sleeping that did not mean NO WORK. You cannot start doing it and make money overnight without planning. This is basic but most people forgot to do it.

Before visitors could find you online, you have to build the site where they can visit you and be amazed with your products and services. Please, do not make some ìjunky websites.î Invest money by making someone else make it for you. Get a web hosting company and a domain name.

Straighten out in your planning the contents and purpose of the site your putting up like the products you will carry, will it be yours or someone elseís products? Decide too on the information that needs to be posted to support the products advertised.

Next, plan the payment system. How will your customers pay for the products they bought from your site? Decide on whether you will be the merchant, which will require you to have an account and a payment system or as an affiliate so as to unburden you of the selling part.

Plan your advertising campaign. Which do you go for unpaid or paid advertising? Will you use search engine rankings, pay-per-click ads or simply word-of-mouth?

Step 2 – After the launching of your site, prepare yourself to WORK! In any business, most of the work is spent on advertising and an online business is no different. How will people get to notice your site and visit? Have you already decided on what type of advertising will you go for, paid or unpaid? Well, better decide now on what do you think will work best for your business.

There are different kinds of advertising tools to choose from.

Have your website filled with informative articles related to your expertise and area of business. You can post them on your site for easy access or submit them to directories and sites with article submissions like ezines. Be sure to have your byline at the bottom of your every article with email and web addresses. This will automatically link people to your website.

Applying for affiliate programs is also a wise venture. With all the selling part out of your end, this becomes manageable and a sure way to earn through commissions. No hassles on extra costs, human resource and customer service concerns. Just do some very easy and practical advertising for merchants and you can earn your commissions in no time. Remember, do not flood your site with too many affiliate programs just apply to a handful that complements your site well. Example can be if you are into herbal medicines and your site is filled with articles related to it, you may want to be an affiliate of businesses that sell herbal medicines or promote a farm that serves organic foods, herbal products and a place for relaxation.

Join message boards and forum discussions. Equipped with your marketing intuition, you should try participating in forum discussions related to your line of expertise and business. Chances are you will find out relevant information in the discussion plus you can offer helpful answers to others and even attach your signature file so they can contact you for more information and further linking up.

Autoresponders are great cyber-gadgets that truly work for you anytime of the day. They give valuable information about the products and services you sell to interested parties. These people leave their personal information specifically email addresses so as you can answer their queries. In the future, you can follow them up to try your products and services turning them to potential customers.

Step 3 – You have done already the first half of the work. You have made people visit your website and actually persuaded them to purchase but how will you keep them coming back?

Try constructing an online survey and ask them to answer and make some feedbacks. You may want to reward them for answering the survey with a special gift. Free services, gifts, discounts, weekly and monthly prizes, a ëloyaltyí point system that earns them prizes for points earned, vouchers and gift certificates are sure ways to make them come back.

Step 4 – In any business, to succeed is the end result of an excellent customer service. How do you deal with your clients, before and after sale? The post-sale care service is very much important than the pre-sale. This will tell customers how much you value them. Are you just there to convince them to buy and after its goodbye? If you think and act like this then you are doomed to fail.

Practice all these steps and you will not only earn while asleep but 24/7.

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