When you’re like other small business owners, you wear about 55 hats every single day. And when it is eventually quitting time, the very last thing you want to do is bookkeeping! I am with you – I am a Cpa and I even detest doing my very own bookkeeping!

But, I state a bold claim in the heading of this write-up – if you would like your business to succeed, you really need to learn Quickbooks. Why? Well, simply put, in business, primarily small business, you have to know how you are performing financially at any given moment. Cash can be quite a rare commodity sometimes in a small business, and when you don’t have a very good handle on the cash flow, you are simply sabotaging yourself and setting up to fail.

I’ve experienced a lot more than my share of people who start-up their business filled with enthusiasm. These people have a vision in their eyes of just how prosperous they are going to be and how great life will be now that they’re out on their own. They now control their own fate and the sky is the limit.

They will work 30 hours each day setting up their business – supervising people, making essential advertising decisions, purchasing supplies, etc. And it is so thrilling.

But they put off maintaining their books, holding all of their receipts and invoices inside a cabinet figuring they will get it done on Saturday. Sunday comes and they’re tired, so they figure they will catch up the next week. The next week flies by in a blur and they never quite get to the books. At some point in the future they get some time to do the books, but never actually figured out how to utilize Quickbooks. And to make it worse, now it’s just so darn frustrating they do not want to even attempt it.

Then, following the honeymoon of owning a business gradually ends they suddenly feel trapped in a job again – but now they are the boss and also the employee!

Also to increase the pain, despite all of the advice to learn Quickbooks and stay on top of the bookkeeping, they never did, and now ponder the reason why they have got $4.23 in their bank account and $5,800 in bills coming due along with a payroll coming up!

Man, if I got a pennie for every time this predicament plays out….you know…I’d be rich!

The thing is, lots of this pain may have been prevented by just taking the step to learn Quickbooks and apply some simple cash flow methods. It’s not so difficult to do, you just need to take action and place it on the same level as marketing or sales. Yes, it’s that important!

So, when you are in this situation, it’s not too late…simply go learn Quickbooks (it isn’t really that hard to learn) and stay on top of those books. You’ll set yourself up for a much better chance of being successful!

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