Test drive the Macro Millionaire Coaching Program RISK FREE for 90 days. Discover the Currency Cashflow Machine that turned $50K into $750K in 12 months. Learn Forex Live from Hector DeVille. From the desk of John Thomas The Mad Hedge Fund Trader: I just awarded two new lifetime memberships to Macro Millionaire. This brings the total up to FOUR free lifetime memberships I’ve given away, although the original plan was to give one away; just another reason they call me “mad”, I suppose.

Erik S. actually already invested in a membership into Macro Millionaire. So I just refunded 100% of his membership fee and gave him a lifetime membership to the program for free.

Erik is a 37-year-old bartender. He’s spent 15 years doing everything you’re supposed to do to become a successful trader – and this is exactly the point I try to drive home in my presentation explaining the Macro Millionaire program.

You see, Erik worked his butt off studying and developing his technical trading skills. He’s spent in the neighborhood of $40,000 on trading programs, and over a decade working to become a “better options trader” and a “better trend trader.” The results?

He lost over $300,000 and 15 years of his life and is no closer to being a world class trader than he was when he started. Why? Because all of the trading courses, books and services out there that are designed to turn you into a better technical trader ignore one fundamental reality:

All the technical know-how in the world does NOTHING to help you catch the big macro market moves each year. They don’t help you recognize when to move money out of one asset class and into another, which is the core focus of winning hedge fund managers. So understand:

Mediocre traders focus on trying to play one specific game better. They’re trying to be “better options traders” or “better Forex traders” instead of figuring out how to tell when to move from one asset class to another.

Great traders focus on recognizing what assets are going to make the next big move up or down. We’re worried about what currencies, commodities or markets to play and when. In other words, we’re focused on figuring out when the game is changing – and the market is always changing.

To be a successful trader over the long term, you need to understand how to determine WHAT to trade and when to trade it. BETTY is our other new winner of a lifetime Macro Millionaire membership.

She’s a member of a list of trading services as long as your arm. She’s done everything she can and is determined to succeed. She immediately grasped the main point. “It’s so true that you have to be ahead of the market moves,” She said. “Getting information for the timing of the moves for me, the little guy, is almost impossible. It’s more like we as little investors get misinformation most of the time.”