Can a positive credit reputation correct a negative credit report for a long time after “the mistake of the past”?

It all depends on what kind of loan is and how it was repaid. For example, if the repayment was made under compulsion of a court order, then virtually any financial institution will refuse such a client. It will be very difficult to “wash” from a negative report, especially in the case of storage and exchange of information by credit bureaus; especially it is impossible for hard-core non-payers.

How many years of a positive credit reputation can correct a negative credit report, if the borrower repaid the loan by himself after a few delays without a court order?

Such a customer remains precarious for a bank, and the decision to grant a new loan will depend on the bank’s loan policy and reliability of collateral. In the case of consumer crediting, it can take years for “forgetting” the negative credit report as in this case the bank would prefer a new customer without a credit report than a client who had problems in the past. For some banks the depth of study of the credit report is limited to two or three years, i.e. there is a chance for “bad” borrowers to get a new loan in two years.

Is it true that some small repaid loans after a large delay but repaid voluntarily in the past are able to fix the borrower’s credit report?

It is possible in the case with bureau, because information from the bureau can be transmitted in the form of canceled and distressed loans. However, there is a format of credit bureaus, when it is passed the scoring point of the borrower, without announcing the quantities and timing of customer loans. Depending on the quality of bureau’s scorecard, the negative credit report of one loan can have a greater weight than a positive history of three credits. Figuratively speaking, adding honey in a barrel of tar – the content of the barrel will vary slightly.

Are there other ways to fix the borrower’s credit report in the eyes of your bank?

Providing objective justifying documents that prove the impossibility of timely payments will help to correct the credit report.

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