Music Success in Nine Weeks by Ariel Hyatt has just been released in the second edition. A lot of you indie musicians have wondered if the book is worth the acquisition, and I’d like to break down the chapters in order to help you produce an informed decision. Ariel Hyatt is the founder of Ariel Publicity & Cyber PR, a New York-based digital firm that connects artists, authors and filmmakers to blogs, podcasts, Internet r / c and social media sites. Over the past 13 years, her firm has represented over 1,400 musicians in most musical genres.

In my own career being an indie musician, I have had to become mindful of my business, not only my music. To be an indie musician requires an entrepreneurial mindset, and that i read a lot of books about the music business, and being an entrepreneur which have helped me reach my goals.

Like a client of Ariel’s, as well as an who owns the very first edition of the first edition of Music Success in Nine Weeks, I was wanting to find out how the editions differed from each other. While the concept of breaking tasks into nine weeks is identical, there’s no question to me that the second edition has much more meat than the first.

Week 1: Getting Mentally Prepared

The very first week of Ariel’s Music Success in Nine Weeks program is about setting goals, and becoming into the right mindset. The background music clients are not for that lazy or weak-hearted, and also you have to be prepared for the long haul. This means getting into the right mindset for achievement, and creating realistic goals that you can work at.

Week 2: Your Perfect Pitch

The second week shows you how you can create an elevator pitch: a description of the music that you can easily repeat in the time that it takes to visit one floor of an elevator to a different. The best music pitch is memorable, and something that you’re pleased to use again and again.

Week 3: Optimizing Your site

The purpose of your music website isn’t just to keep music clips and display your next gig date. Your website must pull potential fans in, and make them join your cause. Ariel offers practical recommendations for how your site may be used to construct your fanbase.

Week 4: Social Media For Musicians

With social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, the potential to construct a worldwide audience through the internet is continuing to grow exponentially. Week 4 of Music Success in Nine Weeks defines “Web 2.0”, and shows you which social media sites a musician must create an online presence.

Week 5: Blogging

Back in the day, a static website containing your music, photo, and bio was enough. Having a blog on your website enables you to show your personality, interact with other bloggers, as well as be found by search engines. Week 5 explains the significance of having a website that updates frequently so that your fans can return to your website, and interact with you.

Week 6: Connecting with Fans Via Your Newsletter List and Conducting Surveys

Your band newsletter may be used for more than blasting the dates for your next gig. Your newsletter should be used to build and grow your relationship together with your fans. Once your have their trust, you can also reach out to them to ask them what they want of your stuff. It’s a lot much better than guessing.

Week 7: Building Your Subscriber list

Once you have an email list, you’ll want to increase the names every month. Week 7 shows you tricks and tips to develop a healthy fan email list.

Week 8: Real Live Networking Tips

In addition to having an online presence, it is still essential for musicians to satisfy people offline, making connections with them. Week 8 teaches you how to make a geniune connection personally.

Week 9: Creating a Continuum Program

As enlightening since the rest of this book is, for me, Week 9 of Music Success in Nine Weeks may be the high point from the book. When you build your fanbase, and also have permission to make contact with them regularly, it’s time to get your fans to buy merch from you on a regular basis. Whether it’s CDs, t-shirts, or any other kind of band swag, creating a products will make the difference inside your band’s bottom line.

Another bonus of buying Ariel Hyatt’s Music Success in Nine Weeks is that you get free lifetime membership to Ariel’s closed online Mastermind Forum. In the forum you meet other musicians like yourself who are working this program, and you’ve got the additional support of Ariel and her staff. In the spirit of full disclosure, I am also among her forum moderators, but like a musician myself, I receive around I give, and that i recommend Ariel Hyatt’s book and services to any musician who wants to take their career to the next level.

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