It is my privilege and honour to share with you the steps that led to my journey in Value Investing. Having started at the young age of 15, I have learnt and uncovered secrets that have enabled me to create wealth through investing in the markets. Right now, I share and teach these same secrets to hundreds of graduates and fellow investors.

So, how did I get started in value investing?

My maternal grandfather was the one who first introduced me to the world of stock and shares. Since the age of 15, he would give me (as well as his other four grandchildren) shares in Singapore & Malaysian listed companies, during the Chinese Lunar New Year. My grandfather believed in giving shares instead of the customary cash, as he believed that it would teach one about the importance of saving and investing.

Since I was too young to have a brokerage account, my mother held them in trust for me. I was then able to start actively selling and buying more shares through her account. At about the same time, I started reading and got very interested in self-development books written by motivational gurus like Anthony Robbins (Unlimited Power), Bob Proctor (You Were Born Rich) & Napoleon Hill (Think & Grow Rich). After being exposed to their inspirational stories about the power of human potential, I started to get really motivated to achieve exceptional success & wealth in my life as well.

One of my first big goals was to earn my first million at the age of 26! This goal was especially inspired after reading about Anthony Robins, a former janitor and a high school dropout who became a millionaire at the age of 25. There were two important lessons about wealth that made the greatest impact on my life. The first lesson was that in order to become wealthy, I had to learn how to use my passion & talents to create multiple streams of income.

The second important lesson was that my wealth did not just depend on how much I earned, but rather how much I was able to save and invest. It was through the combined teachings of my father, my grandfather and these gurus that I learnt about the importance of being frugal. I learnt that in order to become rich, I had to learn to invest a lot more than I spent. And so, I developed the philosophy of delayed gratification, one of the most important ingredients to my financial success.

Having started learning about the importance of saving and investing, this has tremendously affected and benefited my life in terms of financial success. Today, investing serves as one of my income streams, an income stream that is highly recommend. Though you may not have gone through the experiences that have brought me to where I am today in regards to investing, these same experiences, lessons and secrets that I have uncovered are now available to you.

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Adam Khoo is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and a self-made millionaire by the age of 26. Discover his millionaire investing secrets and claim your FREE bonus chapter of his latest bestselling book ‘Secrets Of Millionaire Investors’ at Secrets Of Millionaire Investors.