Online Payment Indonesia Pembayaran Online Indonesia or Online Payment Indonesia – inword-paced online we would be eased as consumers to look for goods or services that we seek. Conversely for the sellers and service providers would also be facilitated to promote and sell their goods and services online on the internet.

To support the sale and purchase of goods and services must be supported also by means of payment. What we have to pay to come to the bank or ATM machine? I guess it is no longer necessary to make online payments in Indonesia. Why? Because now in Indonesia has been present iPaymu . com Online Payments Indonesia that will serve you to make buying and selling in online and do not need bolah back to the bank or ATM machine. Pembayaran Online Indonesia

Online Payment Indonesia that has been there first. for online payments in Indonesia as it does not yet exist Online Payments Indonesia is petrified us as consumers and producers in the country because of the emergence Online Payments Indonesia.
What are the advantages Payments Online Indonesia?

If you want to know more, Online Payment Indonesia has the advantages that include:

In Indonesia Online Payment, registration and setup not paid or free.
Online Payment Indonesia, has been integrated into the product, subscription, donations, shopping carts with fast payment.
Online Payment Indonesia, integrating online business bank serving with 87 cash withdrawals throughout Indonesia.
Credit card facility “Online Payment Indonesia” has been integrated with multi-currency.
One account “ Online Payment” can be used for all bank accounts (87 Banks). Indonesia, has a service Escrow / Joint Account.
Online Payment Indonesia, connected to the ATM Bersama and ATM Prima throughout Indonesia.
Online Payment Indonesia, can be used for transactions in Indonesia or abroad to Indonesia.

Of the several advantages Online Payments Indonesia that I have described above how do you think? Are you interested in as an online payment tool in Indonesia to replace the usual international online payment for online transactions?

For more details about the Online Payment Indonesia can go straight to by clicking here or click the link below to membagian keteman – your friend.
Online Payment Indonesia

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Date of commencement of the contest is July 1, 2011 (12:00 GMT).
Contest end date is 27 September 2011 (12:00 GMT).
Contest winner announcement date of October 1, 2011 and will be posted on and all online media channels owned by iPayMu.
Participants registering as a member iPayMu in and fill in the form and agree to the terms and conditions of the SEO contest.
SEO registration form filled out correctly and include your referral link as a member iPayMu. On the Menu Account Overview, you will get your referral link:
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Do only white-hat activity. Please read the Google guidelines carefully. Black-hat, activities that are unethical, bad content or plagiarism or other tools that are used solely to enhance the search will not be tolerated and you will be disqualified. This includes any content that is considered potentially damaging to the reputation of the website in any way iPayMu.
Relevance of content are concerned here, make the appropriate Indonesian-language content targeted keywords and readable.
Following SEO Contest this means you also have the opportunity to participate in the Referral Contest .
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Domain maximum of 5 years of age.
You are allowed to use an existing domain, but the page / URL of the submitted entry must be completely new with no back links and previously cached version. Not using the domains and subdomains with the target keywords that are contested.
Registration is free and open to everyone without age restrictions.
One person can only get one gift.
Rules can be added or modified from time to time in accordance with feedback received from participants.
Source of the article content can be taken in the SEO Contest News and Articles (not recommended for copy-paste, use existing sources of writing becomes more fresh content).
Content is not allowed to contain about these iPayMu SEO Contest Rules

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