Download this Seven Summits Trader Quantum Leap Intervals MT4 Plugin FREE. Get these 3 Swing Trader Systems FREE. Learn this powerful Fibonacci Retracement method FREE that pulls 500+ pips per trade. Is your charting based on price action? If you’re charting with time interval, tick or volume, believe it or not, you’re not charting on price movement. And that means you’re probably dealing with more chop, churn and confusion than necessary. Want to see what I mean?

This guy found a way to use a time-tested alternative charting technique invented by a Brazilian trader back in the 1990’s – and designed it to work on the MetaTrader platform (because we all know, MetaTrader kinda sucks when it comes to variety). Mark’s giving it away right now in exchange for your feedback in a later survey so if you’re still using a dated charting method, pay attention and get your plug-in now. Trade with MT4? You’re Gonna Love This Plug-In…

MetaTrader Sucks. Well, maybe I should revise -MetaTrader sucks when it comes to variety. Take for example, charting methods. These days, range and renko bars are *huge*. They’re easy to learn, easy to use and are totally based on price movement (unlike alot of other charting methods out there). So the results is a much cleaner chart with less chop and churn that can force you into some potentially bad trade decisions live, in the market.

And of course, MetaTrader doesn’t support either one. (Lame) Thankfully, my buddy Mark Soberman just created a sweet little plug-in that actually installs onto your MetaTrader and allows you to trade using Range and Renko (his version is called Quantum Leap Intervals).

If you haven’t check out what range and renko can do for your trading, do some research and then grab this plug-in while Mark’s still giving it away. Here’s where to download it:

Mark Soberman: Weird…These days, doesn’t it seems like everyone is positively crazy about time interval charts? I mean, most people in our niche talk about time interval as the ‘end all, be all’ of charts… and if you trade with MetaTrader, fuggedaboutit – time intervals are like the ONLY charting they do support!

But I caution you, don’t be fooled. And as we always say here at NetPicks, *never* be content with the status quo. Believe it or not, time interval (and volume and tick charts, for that matter) have a whole host of issues -my biggest problem is that they’re NOT based on price movement. This means lots of chop, churn and confusion right when you’re trying to make huge trade decisions in a split second. Not exactly ideal.

Right out of the box, MetaTrader is been downright depressing when it comes to chart offerings – they give you limited options with the explanation, “Hey, we don’t cost you anything upfront – what more do you want?”. One major breakthrough solution I had is testing an alternate charting method pioneered by a Brazilian trader back in the 1990’s – who finally found a way to chart based on price action which actually solves most of the problems of the other charting methods. In addition, this new charting method…

===>> Filters out *alot* of the chop and noise plotted by tick and volume
===>> Handles fast moves and market slow-down better than we’ve seen
===>> Reacts to news quickly so you can make a better decision, faster
===>> Rocks with indicator-based strategies
===>> Is awesome in volatile markets (!)

Even better, I’ve custom-programmed a plug-in, called Quantum Leap Intervals, specifically for MetaTrader that allows you to start trading with this alternative charting method. Personally, it’s made my trading life much easier more succinct and I STILL use it in my every-day trading.

Best of all, I’m giving away this plug-in to you, today. All I ask in return is for your feedback. About a week after you download the plugin, I’m going to send you a brief survey to gauge your thoughts on my Quantum Leap Intervals software – and all you have to do is answer it as honestly as possible. Sound like a fair trade? Good.