Download this Seven Summits Trader Quantum Leap Intervals MT4 Plugin FREE. Get these 3 Swing Trading Systems FREE. Master these highly profitable Candlestick Patterns with this FREE 82 page PDF Candlestick Guide. How to Determine Which Range is Right For You…Range Bar Tutorial (Inside)…This Can be a Little Tricky… Hey, quick reminder: get your Quantum Leap Intervals plug-in for MetaTrader ASAP if you can…

If you’ve already downloaded it, awesome – the developer behind it, Mark Soberman, is pro at finding weaknesses and patching them up right (like with MetaTrader this time). Even better, one of his Star Trading Coaches just put out a follow-up video to show you How to Determine Which Range Is Right For You. It can be a little tricky so definitely try to watch this video to get started… Even though you technically have the ability to trade range bars on MT, you still need to set your pip range according to your own personal needs (system, style, time, etc).

My Full Disclosure…Moving Up in the World (I’m Surprised)…Home, Home on the Range…Full disclosure: I haven’t traded with MetaTrader for awhile. But since Mark Soberman was giving away his Quantum Leap Intervals (and me being a big fan of Range Bars), I had to give it another go.

And honestly, MT is moving up in the world! Sure, it does have some serious limitations right out of the box but with the Quantum Leap Intervals, I could definitely see myself getting back into the swing of it. Which reminds me, you got your Quantum Leap Intervals plug-in, right?

Best of all, Mark at the NetPicks camp had one of his all-star trading gurus record another training video, this time teaching you exactly how to determine your range. If you’re still fumbling with your appropriate range (3-pip, 6-pip, 20-pip??), save yourself some headache and watch this training video…Finding out your perfect pip range is critical. I’ve made the mistake of not doing my homework and believe me, I paid dearly for it. Anyways, watch the video and remember to do the legwork before you trade live…

A head-turner for sure…Hey, for those of you who’ve been asking: Here’s the quick demo of the trading method shown on the last two Quantum Leap Intervals videos: It’s a nice system (been out for over a year) and posting head-turning results. If you’re in the market for a smooth, easy Forex method – I highly suggest you check it out.

If the above video isn’t cutting it for you, no worries – there’s a live full demonstration webinar happening this Thursday (Feb. 24th) at 12pm Noon and again at 8pm EST. Logins are here…Your last Forex method…Say hello to the last Forex method you’re ever going to need. Lofty claim, right? It just might be – and it sounds like these guys have the goods to back it up. Take a look-see here…This is the same method that’s taught on the last two Quantum Leap Intervals tutorials so needless to say, it works great with range and renko bars. But it also works with time, tick and volume too.

I’ll let the demo speak for itself and if you’re interested in learning more, get your login info for next week’s full demonstration on Thursday at 12pm & 8pm EST (they’re going to be available to answer your questions live, in real-time.)