Discover the secret Forex Master Method. Try the Quantum FX Bot that tripled the account in less than 6 months RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account. Watch this shocking Forex Income Engine Trade Alert Software Presentation by Bill Poulos. Russ Horn’s Secret Master Method Of Wealth Creation By Trading The Forex Market…Disclosed For The First Time…Did you get an iPad? Read below to find out what’s happening… Master Method might sell out today…Yesterday was something really special in Forex. Not only was the Forex Master Method released, but I think it was the start of a new way of doing business in the industry. A bunch of people who bought the course, emailed me to say just how impressed they were with Russ’ customer support. He and his team called every person who bought a course, just to make sure they were comfortable, and knew how to get a hold of him.


Listen up, because this might just be the last chance you have to get a copy of the Forex Master Method, and also the gifts he has been giving away all week. Let’s start with the gifts:


– Candlestick Recognition Software
– Line Trader
– INFOcator
– The “Whole Truth Video” where Russ answers the tough questions you asked him.


~ A copy of the Forex Master Method
~ Apple iPad2
~ $500 broker account
~ Amazon Kindle

He has selected 10 people from the almost 2,000 comments he got, and rather than personally choose the top 4, he would like your help to choose the best of those 10. If you made a comment yourself, then you can check to see if you are one of the top 10. If you didn’t, then it is vital you get there to download the gifts while you still can.

He Has Truly Over Delivered

Nothing you will see in the month to come, will build your wealth like the Forex Master Method. One of the reasons this is strictly limited is because the information is so valuable. I’m sure you’ve heard all the buzz, either in forums, or in your inbox, and there’s a good reason for that. Everyone is excited about something this good being made available. Here’s the bad news – I just came from the website and the remaining copies are going fast, I mean really fast. Finish the email then go check it out. Just look at what’s in this course:
– 7 DVDs + 1 Bonus DVD for a total of 8 DVDs

– A 256 page training manual with a detailed explanation of how the Forex Master Method works, along with charts and graphs to help explain how the system works

– 4 Cheat sheets to help you quickly, and accurately decide if you should take a trade

– Re-printable 30 trade tracker card, to help keep track of your progress as you use the Master Method

– The 24 hour chart to help you tell at a glance, what trading session you’re in

That’s Only Half (50%) Of What You Get

Your copy of the Forex Master Method contains a secret location, where you can access the other part of the course, which is:

– Access to the War Room private member’s area

– Weekly Live Trading Webinars

– Customer Community Trading Area

– Technical Analysis Lessons

– Trading Videos

– Trading Reports

– Technical Analysis Tools

– Proprietary Custom Indicator Software

– Unrestricted support by email, Skype, phone, webinar or other individual preference.

– One-on-one coaching

This is one of those things I’m really glad I had the chance to share with you.