There is a live forex news software that is only recently been made open to retail fx traders. Through the years, forex market news trading software to trade economic news spikes has only been accessible to banking institutions and large forex trading institutions. The economic news feed and the technology behind it was quite simply out of the grasp for a person trading less than a six figure account. All that has now changed! Fortunate for us the retail currency trader, the brilliant folks over at Fast Economic News at last fixed that dilemma! The Secret News Weapon is that solution! What is the Secret News Weapon moreover how does it effect your trading?

First and foremost the Secret News Weapon is a real-time fx news provider. There is no faster live forex economic news feed obtainable to any forex trader within the globe! Weather your a bank trader, institutional trader, or just purely your typical everyday retail fx trader, you will not acquire a economic news provider that does get you the forex news any quicker. At last the playing field has been made fair even for the small traders. Despite the fact that having the news as fast or faster than anybody else is critical, it is only as crucial as how effectively you can turn that information into a profitable forex market trading strategy. This is where the following element of the Secret News Weapon comes into play, and this is the auto click feature. Thats correct, not only will the Secret News Weapon show you the forex market news as swift as anybody else but it can also push sell or buy for you robotically within just a few milliseconds of the forex market news coming out. There is no way possible for the human mind to see the forex market news data, make a decision on weather it is positive or negative, in addition to then click buy or sell all before the price spike.

As a result of getting the forex news first and furthermore by clicking sell or buy first you are able to get into the forex market before the price even spikes! Have you ever seen those massive forex market spikes and you just wish you could discover a method to in some way jump in on the spike? This is the way! This fx news software gives you the opportunity to control the equivalent technology as the banks, get the same entries as the financial institutions, and more significantly get the same pips as the banks! Equally vital to the potential for massive profits is the time you are able to save. It has been said that time is our most priceless commodity, and by merely having to come trade at precise forex market news releases you may only be on the computer for ten minutes, then your gone! Your trading during the time when the market moves the most, in the smallest amount of time. No other time in the forex market will be as profitable as forex market news trading, and no other form of forex trading calls for so little of your time. Seize the time to go test out this genius piece of forex market news software engineering!