The specifics of building and running of the Internet business have traditionally demanded a business audience online. However, with the onset of the crisis experts began to celebrate the growing interest in both the theory and tools for e-commerce practice.

The increased interest in web entrepreneurs has applied to their own business. Any publication in the business press on ongoing business development has the idea of the financial and economic crisis, a chance to survive gets one who is looking for new ways of trying to implement effective technology has the flexibility to change their tactics and strategy, and so on and so forth.

Accordingly, number of potential buyers on the Internet shops and an interest in resources that provide goods and services in the mode of online is increasing “.

So who are they, consumers of e-commerce systems today?

First of all, it’s small and medium businesses that are forced to spend a period of instability transformation to improve the efficiency and to reduce the costs. Logical step in these transformations is the transfer of the commercial activities on the Internet: the potential of the Web as a platform for selling goods and services is inexhaustible.

The second group – businesses, for whatever reasons, decided to learn a new business and take advantage of the opportunities offered by electronic commerce.

Interest in e-commerce expands the activities and a wide layer of “micro”: suppliers of goods “for the realization of” the owners ‘points’ in the retail and wholesale markets, private sales consultants network companies, small-scale producers of goods, etc.

Boris loses, the project manager HostCMS: Many small businesses before the crisis plan to create trade areas or offices to the Internet, but to implement does not mean to get around. Crisis in many ways changed the management of trade opportunities on the Web – in 2009 we see steady growth in demand for e-commerce solutions and content management.

The opening of offline-point trading was risky and expensive task. Therefore, many vendors have begun to pay attention to what the hand had not reached – the presentation of the goods on the Internet.

Expert opinion: customers optimize budgets

However, the crisis forces customers to optimize costs and on the e-commerce projects they carefully plan their expenditures for the creation, promotion, and seek to predict the cost of their care.

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