Forex traders use a wide range of various strategies and time frames to trade the markets and one of the most popular methods is to master a short-term forex trading strategy. Nonetheless, since forex market is volatile, can you make a steady income there?

Well, I have been a forex trader for several years and to my mind, you can make a steady income when using short-term trading strategy, it is a hard way of making a living.

So why is it so hard?
Well, in fact it is the case that financial markets and currencies move in trends. Nonetheless, when it is true of medium and long-term charts, you are fundamentally just looking at noise.

Prices are unstable all over the place and it is hard to trade and be confident.

Fundamentally, it is a very hard way of trading and a very difficult skill to master. A lot of newbie in forex market are enticed by short term trading and excited by the fact that they can get 20 – 50 points in just a few minutes.

Nonetheless, you can also lose many points very fast and be wiped out of the positions, especially if you trade through news announcements. In the end, many short-term traders suddenly find out how hard it is to always earn money in such a way and will often give up forex trading.

So, must you forget about short-term trading or scalping as well?
Not at all. There are people who make steady incomes this way and there are times when you may have a bigger longer term position.

For example, you may be hundred points in income due to a long-term long position, but confident of a continual trend upwards, you understand that the price has raised very high in the short-term and you decide to catch a short-term retracement. Here is one of the examples where short-term trading can be applicable.

Another example, is where you may see that a currency is strongly moving up on the 30 minute and 4 hour charts, yet is oversold on the top 5 minute chart after a short retracement. In these examples, it is profitable to use the shorter term charts when looking for the opportunities to take a price position in the same direction as the longer term trend.

So, you can apply short-term charts to search for positions, but it is always vital that you look at the longer term picture before you do this. To my opinion, trading 1 and 5 minute charts without looking at 15 or 30 minute charts is a disaster.

So, to make a conclusion, it should be said that people should look for taking longer-term positions, as they are less stressful and more inclined to follow trends, thus making them more profitable.

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