There are many myths about work in Internet however a real state of affairs in this branch of online business is more prosy. All effective ways of earnings in online can be reduced to several principal views:

1) Advertising of the (“offline”) goods and services. In this case the Internet is used only as information is an advertizing mirror concerning traditional (“offline”) business. That is business conducted in an offline and advertizing is the information company (in full or in part) – in a network Internet.

2) Advertising of another’s goods and services. Even large sites of information character can earn not bad on advertizing of another’s goods and services. And their work will consist in this case in regular and qualitative updating of the content (information) placed on a site. Only it is possible to achieve a considerable quantity of visitors.

3) Freelance is distant work. If the result of work of the employee can be created at home and sent by e-mail it is more favourable to employer to save a place at office. Freelance is extended basically among writers, journalists, copywriters, artists, designers. To freelance is possible to carry also participation in paid the Internet.

4) Games. It is necessary to recognize among those who earn money in online, there is a certain percent of people which is possible to name “players” conditionally. One speculates on the Stock Exchange. Others in online – a casino or in online – poker. The third hunt for charitable “freebie” and prizes various online – lotteries. The fourth “pump over” characters in popular online – games and then sell them at the good price. However any of these methods demands enough specific “talents” and a special warehouse of character that is why these methods are accessible to everything, they become the basic source of incomes for rather few (those who tried to earn with their help).

5) Sale of the electronic goods. It is “a classical” way of conducting online business which is possible to name hi-tech. Music and video (audio and video files) is on sale. Computer programs and computer games are on sale. Electronic books and online – courses are on sale. Modern speed of the Internet (average) allows to download all listed in quite acceptable time limits.

Without dependence from what work kinds in online business you choose for yourself, special knowledge which will be required to you especially necessary at the initial stage. To get them is not too difficult. Both in online business and to its separate kinds special courses are devoted work, to download and get which (through a network the Internet) is possible without leaving the house! So you just need to have the desire to search for work in Internet.

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