The international factoring is a complex of special services for the companies leading active foreign trade activity. Activity of the companies working on the terms of a delay of payments means (suppliers and buyers)

The international factoring solves such problems, as:

• Shortage of circulating assets.

• the Raised credit risks. Impossibility to check up conscientiousness of the buyer-non-resident.

• High currency risks. That is danger of currency losses, because of change of exchange rates.

For importers of goods abroad services of the international factoring give the chance:

Qualitatively to check up solidity of the debtor-non-resident.

To cover credit and to lower currency risks. It designates guarantee reception for the debtor.

To expand client base. Possibility of attraction of new buyers.

Services of the international factoring are necessary for buyers of goods delivered from abroad. These services give for them a number of possibilities:

To increase base of suppliers.

If it is required, to receive a desirable payment adjourning from the supplier, to increase its terms.

To have confidence, at the expense of the guarantee from factoring company from which cooperation is led.

The agreement of the international factoring means the description of the scheme of work, consideration of responsibility of the parties, and a statement of conditions of rendering of corresponding services. The given agreement subscribes between factoring company and the supplier. The factoring agreement necessarily should consist in territory of the supplier. Signing of the agreement of the international factoring, as a rule, for the supplier designates removal from it of all responsibility for repayment by the debtor of concrete payment.

The agreement of the international factoring can be signed participants under two schemes of work:

1. One-factorial model of the international factoring.

The participants concluding the agreement, in this case are:

The factoring company working in the country of the buyer or the supplier.

The supplier.

The buyer.

Within the limits of the agreement concluded on conditions of the one-factorial form of factoring, work is performed by a principle of internal factoring without recourse. Sometimes factoring without recourse is called factoring with complete service. This kind of factoring means that the factor guarantees the debtor and analyzes it. The supplier under condition of a payment adjourning makes goods shipment. Financing of 100 % of the sum of delivery performs the factor, at the guarantee for the debtor. The debtor performs payment of delivery to the factor. The account for factoring services is exposed. With a deduction of the factoring commission, the factor transfers to the supplier a payment remainder. It is possible to tell that in case of nonpayment for delivery by the debtor, for him pays the factor.

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