Use this Simple Forex Tester to practice your trading account. Download this 1 Minute Forex Trading System FREE. Learn this powerful Fibonacci Retracement method FREE that pulls 500+ pips per trade. Once in a blue moon I run across some amazing talent in our space, and Kevin who is a great personal friend of mine is no exception to that rule. I have known Kevin for a few years now and he is the smartest guy I know when it comes to coding and transforming complex trading systems and strategies into super easy to use tools that give traders the advantage they need, to be properly prepared for the marketplace.

Kevin recently released a product called “The Simple Forex Tester” that gives traders the ability to “re-play” the markets and practice their trading with real tick-for-tick historical data on a practice account. This allows them to speed up and slow down the markets with real data, and practice their trading just like it was live but with Full control.

Not only that, they will be able to trade all of the market conditions, across every market session. Also, it hooks directly into MetaTrader 4.

There are many videos to walk you through every aspect of SFXT usage, allow multiple timeframes on MetaTrader 4 during a test in real time. It also Allows custom Timeframes on MetaTrader 4 during a test in real time. I personally have not seen any other product for MT4 like this on the market, especially when I factor in that it allows multiple timeframes.

Just to let you know, I have personally viewed this product and I have found it to be over due to provide an easy to use solution to give a trader a competitive advantage over those who do not have it.

Occasionally, I run into something that seems like it would be absolutely blatantly obvious…but for some reason, nobody picks up on it. This is definitely one of those things…and it has the potential to make a HUGE difference in your trading no matter what your skill level is! In forex, you really only need two things to win.

1) A proper trading plan
2) To practice that trading plan

Number 2 seems obvious doesn’t it? But I can tell you, 95% of traders don’t even think about this step…and it is definitely THE most crucial! You can have the best trading system in the world, but without practicing, sticking to it, removing emotions, and perfecting your skills…it’s WORTHLESS.

It’s like having the best basketball court in the world, complete with the most expensive sneakers. It all doesn’t mean a darn thing unless you PRACTICE. This is, hands down, the best forex practice tool there is.

Forget demo accounts…to trade on 6 months worth of data, you need 6 months worth of time! How about trading 6 months worth of data in 1 hour? Not only that, but you can trade ALL of the market conditions? And furthermore, you can use ANY of your MetaTrader 4 indicators and systems!

You can also trade on multiple timeframes simultaneously! This is the ONLY piece of software that allows you to do this within MetaTrader! With constant updates and new features added, the price will definitely go up soon. Visit the page, and view the videos to see Simple Forex Tester in action!

I am personal friends with the developer of this tool and I am honored to give my personal endorsement behind it. Also, because of the low price of this software tool, I decided not to receive any type of compensation if you choose to purchase it. I want to ensure you have the best advantage you can have when testing your strategies.