Download the Ultimate Swing Trader Forex Director FREE. Discover the Ultimate Trade Analyzer. Get this Forex Master Method Candlestick Patterns Recognition Software, Line Trader plus the INFOcator FREE. Mark Soberman: If you can tell me:

– Your most profitable time of the day and day of week…
– Your most successful trade setup type…
– Whether you make more money on going long or going short…
– How much you would win & how much you would lose just by increasing your risk… and,
– The mathematical expectation of your trading system’s success.

If you can tell me all that, then you’re one of the *miniscule* few that REALLY know your trade plan. Give yourself a pat on the back, will you? And for those who can’t answer all those questions about your own trading? Houston, we have a problem…

These types of questions are CRITICAL if you want to become a successful, profitable trader! How do you know where to focus your trading in order to make back the most return? You don’t. Until now…

We created a sophisticated tool that could track all of your statistics and most importantly, ANALYZE all your data giving you the most pertinent, the most relevant and the most profitable intelligence on your personal trade plan. And we designed it with push-button simplicity (’cause that’s how we roll).

It’s called the Ultimate Trade Analyzer and even though it’s officially still ‘off the market’, we’re releasing a few copies in this super-limited “micro” batch. We have just 20 copies to go around – so you’ll only receive one or two emails on it and it’s up to you to attend this Thursday’s release webinar.

In this webinar, we’re going to take you through all the sweet tricks and applications that the UTA has and what kind of fascinating insight it can give you on your own trade plan… and how to take that knowledge and start making drastic improvements.

We’ll show you that the UTA works with EVERY system, every market and every time frame. We’ll also take your questions, give out some awesome tips & giveaways and of course, let you take have a chance at one of the 20 copies I have on hand.

But we’re only doing this for our webinar attendees, so make sure you click the link below to reserve your logins for this Thursday’s webinar at 12pm Noon EDT:

Swing trading the Forex, done for you. Who doesn’t love the idea of that? Well, I managed to get as close as possible without turning it into a 100 percent mechanical (aka: 100 percent B.S.) Forex robot.

By now you’ve probably seen an email or two from me on the Ultimate Swing Trader VIP. (If you haven’t, definitely visit the UST blog to get the downlow on how we’ve managed to pick up 2,389 pips in 2 months). I won’t go into detail but here are the ‘bullet-points’ for you email skimmers:

1. Swing trade Forex, Futures, Stocks & Options in minutes (not hours) a day

2. Here’s the process: Just set your targets in the evening, go to sleep, wake up to give a quick recheck. Rinse and repeat.

3. Access to the VIP Treatment which gives you ‘lead by example’ nightly updates so you know exactly what you’re doing

Ideal with those with a day job or traders just starting out, the Ultimate Swing Trader VIP will take you by the hand and guide you toward safe, consistent wins sustainable for the long-haul.

Want to know about the indicators? What the system actually looks like on a chart and just how you’ll know when to get in and when to get out? How about a sample of the exact kind of videos posted every night behind the velvet ropes?

I’m revealing it all in next Wednesday’s UST VIP Release Webinar. So mark your calendar for July 28th at 12pm Noon Eastern (New York Time) and get your webinar login info here:

Scheduling conflict July 28th? No worries – we all get busy. Just MAKE SURE to register anyways because I’m sending out everyone on that list a copy of the recording so you can catch up with us later.