Today there are a lot of different types of investment strategies that could be divided into three categories. When you go through these investing strategies, it helps you to decide which type will be best suited for you.

– Passive investing. In this type of investing, decision making for the investment is not in your hands. The perfect one for this job is an expert investment manager. The great advantage in this type of investment is that you do not require investment expertise. You just have to invest your money, but not your time. However the disadvantage is that you do not have control over your money for investing as well as returns for this type of investments are uninspiring. In the majority of cases passive investment is used for investing for retirement.

– Active investing. In this type of investing you have to actively manage your investment. This investment could be for both long term and short term. Future trading is a short term investment while buy and hole shared are a long term investment. If you want to be successful in active investment, you need to have proper knowledge about different investment plans. As well you have to be familiar with such basic principles of investing as cut losses, timing to gather profits and ways to analyze market.

– Creative investing. This type of investing requires great amount of experience and skill. It is all about turning your thoughts into money. If you have imagination, then you can make a lot of money.

Creative investing has the highest profit potential along with maximum degree of control and flexibility. The disadvantage of this type of investing is that you need specialized knowledge. As well this type of investing requires a lot of money and the chances to make a lot of money are high only if the things move in right direction.

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