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A couple of days ago I told you that Tim Sykes opened up his new penny millionaire program — and it’s selling like crazy. A crush of investors who are tired of getting burned by scam artists and phony baloney investment gurus have really taken to Tim’s no B.S. style, the 100% transparency of his past trades and, of course, the almost unbelievable track record he’s piled up over the last 12 years.

When you think about what’s been happening to most investors over the last few years, it’s hard not to envy those who’ve been taking Tim Sykes’ advice. In 2008 they nearly tripled their money, making 197%. Then, they better than doubled it in 2009, grabbing gains of 141%. And in 2010– an off year for Tim — they made 55%. Investors who were with him the whole time were able to turn $25,000 into $277,360! If he keeps those returns up for another three years, their wealth will grow to $3.07 million.

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If you even think you might be interested in, joining Tim’s program and making a killing in microcaps, you need to take a look at his latest video right away. One of the most disturbing things about the investment game is how the good guys like Tim Sykes get out-shouted by the hype artists who are screaming about overnight 1,000% gains — gains that sound great, but never materialize.

Tim won’t play that game and stands on his actual track record – a record has turned $25,000 into $277,360 over the last three years. Now you can join him and build your own fortune with his new penny millionaire program.