OK, so you just violated rule #1 in trading with Forex. You lost money, maybe a lot of it, and you are now determined to get it back. In spite of the warning bells going off in your head and a concomitant voice whispering: “Stop. You are starting to revenge trade.” you plunge on, maybe even upping the risk by increasing what you pay for a pip. You WILL get it back…

But, you don’t. You lose even more money, and now you are starting to panic. You are close to your initial investment, and mourning the fact that you were once well into the black… And you try again. And lose more.

If you haven’t experienced this scenario, try this one…

You had a great day yesterday. You think you’ve got it figured out. You consistently made trades in the right direction when the market indicators told you to, and you got out with your shirt and maybe a pair of shoes too. You go back in the next morning determined to do exactly what you did the day before. And suddenly…everything goes wrong. The Market starts taking back what it gave the day before and you don’t have a clue as to why…

Everybody who has traded Forex knows that in this volatile market you need the kind of consistency and discipline that is found in automated machines, specifically robots. That’s why Forex robots forex robot trading have made such inroads into Forex trading, and have yielded their owners nice profits with a great deal less stress than trading manually — even with the best indicators.

Here are some of the major advantages (and a few cautions) in trading with a Robot forex robot review:


1) A Robot is governed by an algorithm based in statistics. It has it’s own indicators and makes trades according to the parameters you set for it. It doesn’t have a “good day”, or a “bad day”, nor does it “revenge trade”. You can start it up and walk away.

2) You don’t need to know anything about Forex to use it. This is not a good idea, but you actually don’t.

3) You can trade on several platforms with several different brokers.

4) Just about all currency pairs are available to the Robot forex trading robot.

5) The robot will trade 24/7, depending on the settings you choose for it.

6) Depending on the robot, you can find optimum settings on the web discovered by people who have tested it. (This won’t be free, but subscribing to a website or blog can be more than worth it). Forums may also provide this kind of information.

7) Robots offer risk management, which is something that can be difficult to calculate when manually trading. You can also set trailing stops, which can minimize loss.

7) Some robots claim to be able to detect when the “face” of the market changes. This can be a sudden, radical, statistical change. Robots tend to lose when this occurs, but some can detect it in advance and keep from making losing transactions (so their creators claim).

There are a few cautions, however:

1) You may not need to know anything about Forex, but it is a good idea to at least know the basics. You should keep abreast of what is going on in the economies of the countries whose currency pairs you have chosen and be ready for sudden changes in direction. You might have to provide a little “guidance” to the robot during times of crisis.

2) Some brokers don’t like robots. Choose a robot that can make itself “invisible” to them; the programmers may cause it to randomly exit from the trade before the take profit or stop loss levels are reached.

3) Always set up the robot in the trial account first. Don’t transfer until you have consistently made money over a period of time. You can adjust your parameters until you start to consistently make money for at least a month. Transfer to the “live” account, but watch it carefully.

Robots often don’t work the same way on the “live” account that they do on the trial account. This may be an indication of broker interference. If the behavior is radically different: you either don’t make money or start to consistently lose, try another broker.

4) The robot needs to run 24 hours a day, this means you will need a connection that is fast and does not break. The best is through cable or satellite; it goes almost without saying you shouldn’t try it on dial-up. If that is the only option you have available, you can subscribe to a VPS (Virtual Private Server), but using this can sometimes be very unwieldy due to lag. Check it frequently to make sure you have a connection.

5) On days of high volatility, the robot might not trade. This is an asset, and you shouldn’t try to override it or second guess it.

Choosing a Robot

The best thing to do in choosing a robot is to read the web reviews, although many of these are merely sales ploys. Choose two or three robots along with brokers who offer low spreads and run them on their trial accounts. Choose the robot that seems to make the fewest losing trades and try it on a live account with a minimum investment (and risk) and recommended parameters (if you can find them). If you find the same behavior on the live account as you experienced on the trial account, you may have found a winner.