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Mark Soberman, the Ultimate Swing Trader: Howdy, stranger… long time, no speak! Hope all is well on your end. Can you believe it’s already the end of January? It’s going a mile a minute here at the office – we’re discussing new topics for our educational webinar series, talking new tradeplans and setting to work researching new tutorials for the NetPicks Informer (our informational quarterly newsletter).

Also, a few of you have been asking about the Ultimate Swing Trader and if it’s including the One Day Swing Trades with 500 pip Assurance and the Auto Trade Management Console for MetaTrader. The answer is very soon and yes, both will be included!

In fact, block off next Tuesday, February 1st at 12pm and 8pm EST. I had the warehouse produce a small quantity of copies for those who just can’t wait til March. So if you missed out on your opportunity last year, make sure you get your logins for the release webinar right now…I’ll send you a few more updates in the next week but try to get your logins while it’s top of mind. Did you know that NetPicks has a team of Trading
Wizards? We usually call them Coaches, but they definitely ‘work their magic’ when it comes to trading.

Each Wizard specializes in trading their own slice of the market: Forex, futures, stocks and options. We’ve got experts on our team that actually trade these live, in the markets – everyday.

What you probably don’t know, is that all of our Trading Wizards teach actual trading lessons each and every week at no cost, for you. No sales pitches, no obligations – promise. Take a peek of what’s in store this week…

Show & Tell
Shane Daly, our Trading Wizard from the Great White North is a master of Forex. This week he shows you how to dramatically improve your trading with what he calls “Externalize the Internal” (cryptic, right?). But seriously, Shane put together a great video & PDF that’s aimed at helping you finally figure out what’s holding you back from truly successful trading:

To Be MetaTrader or Not to Be MetaTrader
Shane didn’t stop there. Do you trade forex? Do you use MetaTrader? Have you ever considered it? See Shane demo the unique advantages of MetaTrader for Forex trading.

Top Secret Sneak Peek
Ok, that’s a pretty good tease but we’re about to release our latest issue of our trading newsletter, the NetPicks Informer. While our current Seven Summits Trader and Ultimate Swing Trader Owners actually receive a printed subscription to this newsletter, we thought we’d share the love and send you access to Coach TJ Noonan’s article, “A Spin Around the Neighborhood”.

Forum Thread of the Week
Trading Wizard Special Guest “Mysticforex” is his name; Forex is his game. Over at, MysticForex is all about the AUDUSD and after you see what kind of results he’s been seeing, he might make a believer out of you! Check it out here:

Top 10 Trading Tips in 10 Minutes
Do you Recycle? Mark Soberman, our resident “Founder” of NetPicks dug through his archives and came up with gold! Check out his presentation on the Top 10 Trading Tips in 10 Minutes (and then try to say that 10 times fast!). It’s a quick 10 minute video so get your fix here:

Demo Days Are Here…
Join our #2 Man in Charge, Brian Short, and our SST Trading Wizard himself, Troy Noonan as they call the markets live for you twice this month. If you’ve ever been curious about seeing the Seven Summits Trader live in the markets – or just want to see what markets we like to trade – then pick a day and join us live! It’s on the house!