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We know by now, that Vladimir’s new service is the ultimate solution to all Forex needs. This online town concentrates in one place, everything that relates to the Forex market, including the right tools to enable you to extract profits from it, and to become a better trader. A recap is available, where you can also download the complimentary Traders’ Simulator, however before downloading, let me reveal some more insider information that will be of interest you:

On the one hand, several razor-accurate sources of Forex Signals, and on the other, interactive educational and mentoring activities, underscored by the MSA (Members’ Shared Real Money Account), live trading room, webinars and daily market reviews. But, that’s not all! Vladimir provides:

1. Free Programming Service to members – have you ever wanted to create your own robot, indicator, or Expert Advisor software? The hardest part is finding a programmer who is reliable and experienced enough to develop your software, not to mention the cost of a serious coder, which is usually beyond the budget of home-based traders.

Now all of this has changed, since any member who has a strategy or an indicator, and would like it to be coded into a MetaTrader Indicator or Expert Advisor, can get access to Vladimir’s team of professional programmers. The end result is available to members in the Downloads section.

2. Vladimir and his team design communicative channels to interact with the members and between members. So, any features in the service is turned into an educational, practical discussions and interaction between the members.

Vladimir is literally “moving in” to this service and making it his first home 🙂

This is just the tip of the ice – so please follow the link below, and get your new complimentary simulator from Vladimir, hear what he has to say, and if you are reading this email at the right time, you can even log in to his live webinar about the Simulator. Pop in and say hello to Vladimir.

I know as a fact, that Vladimir had literally fought with his marketing and developer team about keeping the membership fee as lows possible, From the value you get in the Forex Signals & Mentoring, the compromise was give introductory price only to the first 500 members. When you will enter the service, you will understand why. For what you get in this service, increasing the price is not a gimmick or a trick but a business necessity!