What associations arise in your imagination with word combinations “information Internet business“, “the information goods“?

At creation of the original sold information goods on the first place it is necessary to put a profit and enrichment (though nobody hinders you to keep an eye on this purpose), skills in business new to you (though these qualities rather will be useful to you).

And what then? What is the most necessary and immutable condition of creation of a successful information material?

If you haven’t yet answered this simple question, I willingly will help you.
The ABSOLUTE FAVOUR of the CLIENT should be leading idea, a red thread, the rod of your motivation on creation of such goods.

The information is the specific goods. It doesn’t form to satisfy the main physiological needs of the client (as that – food, a dream, protection against a cold and heat, ability to be multiplied, etc.).

The information should import SOMETHING NEW to life of its customer, promote his development, do his life more qualitatively and more interesting.

What favor the qualitative information goods to the user should bring?

This subtitle doesn’t contain a tautology as you, dear reader, could think. Words to “use”, “user” (and it is obvious) happen from a word “favor”. Everything what we use should be of use for us. Otherwise these goods are useless for us.

Education is not so general-purpose decision for all occasions as we would like that. There are only two types of formation: 1. Useful. 2 Useless.

If you are so silly that have got one of those types of education which concern useful, for example, engineering everything to that you have learned you will become outdated exactly in five years.

Therefore let’s consider principal views of useful things which can bring our qualitative goods to our potential clients.

For this purpose we need to answer following questions:

1. In what consist universal needs (except set forth above physiological) peculiar to all people?

2. What is wanted by our potential clients (i.e. the people needing that information which we own)?

The answer to the second question is obvious specific favor (skills, abilities or any material result depending on your field of activity) which the person receives following our instructions.

Here again on your conscience lies how much well and precisely you have managed to inform to people the information necessary to them. Most likely, it depends on how much you really expert in this point in question.

And here the answer to the first question will help us to find certain “counter”. To give individuality, originality to the style. To win not only minds but also hearts of our potential clients.
It is that sphere penetrating in which you become not simply the creator of the information goods.

You become – the Master. The person to whom trust, at which want to study, to which will return for advice again and again.

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