World Wide Web has given birth to many new promising professions. The current situation in e-commerce is stable, there is even a small but steady growth. Major players in this market get rid of any illusions that certainly is a positive factor.

Experts allocate field two directions in the Internet. The first focuses on the business (buisiness to buisiness), and the second – direct to the consumer (buisiness to consumer). And the first track has a more pronounced dynamic and real growth prospects. There is nothing surprising in this. Business representatives have long understood a virtual reality and decide for themselves the extent to which they can use it for business. However, in vast areas of our country you can still meet people which words you have not heard.

What professions have appeared in the Internet business, which receded into the background? How many soldiers now earn virtual front? What are the requirements to impose them? Do you remember a profession – a webmaster? “There were some” – will tell you in any metropolitan staffing agencies working in the field of IT. From the profession, there were several new ones – the head, project manager, web designer, web programmer and development specialist. Today the situation has radically changed.

Virtual leader is also in deficit.
Good leaders are needed everywhere including a network. In recent years, often in recruiting companies appear on the application of directors of the online stores. Someone laugh: what can be sold in the store which exists only in the virtual world? Nevertheless, today many companies are actively using their online platforms to implement their own products. It is not surprising that there was a demand for good managers capable of making business profitable.

It is obvious that in addition to possession of tools for programming you must hold the entire packet of good business education (logistics, finance, risk assessment, pricing), etc. The salary of managers in this area ranges from 2 to 4 thousand dollars (large companies).

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