‘Major Announcement’

Over the weekend Microsoft announced to the media it would be hosting a ‘major’ announcement after the bell on Monday. The announcement was shrouded in secrecy and across the internet rumors were rampent. As the presentation began Steve Ballmer came on to the stage and started touting Microsoft’s Windows software as the “most flexible software ever created” and that “Windows has exceded our expectations” and now “powers over a billion PCs”. Ballmer goes on to say “with Windows 8, we did not want to leave any seam uncovered. We wanted to give it its own companion innovation.” Then he introduced the new Microsoft Surface tablet PC.

 Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface is 9.3mm thick and has a scratch resistant liquid metal case, with a stand built into the device. The presenter touts it as having the best WiFi and briefly connects to Netflix and the movie loads almost immediately. It also has HDMI and the cover has a 3mm touch keyboard attached. The Surface has a 10.6″ HD display and stylus pen that allows the user to write on it using ‘digital ink’. The presenters all call the Surface a PC and were very careful not to call it a ‘tablet’. Click here to read all of Microsoft’s Major Announcements.