Ok maybe “Great” is too strong a word, but the other day I did do a little tidying up of my Twitter account. For the past three years I have been following everyone who follows me, which seemed like a good idea on the surface. If a follower doesn’t like my tweets or I tweet too often, at least they have another follower on their stat sheet.

This strategy worked pretty well for me as I did amass a decent number of Twitter followers. One thing I noticed is that my followers were not very engaged in the social network. I believe many of them were more focused on follower count than on interacting with other people. I very sure that a good portion of them were spam bots and automated accounts whose “follow” means nothing to me because no one is around to read my tweets.

Twitter now has hundreds of millions of users, which is shocking to me as I thought it would have faded away by now. In any event, I’ve decided to give the social network another try in the hopes of actually engaging my followers in my business and my daily life. This would mean not only would I have to put in more time on Twitter, but also I would have to get my account organized in a way that one person could manage it.

The first way to achieve this was to get rid of all the spam. Both direct messages and spam in my timeline. I was receiving thousands of direct messages a day, which made it impossible to determine what were the important messages and what was spam. In addition, when you follow tens of thousands of people, your timeline becomes inundated with tweets on every subject imaginable. Sometimes there would be 100 new tweets every few seconds. This not only made it difficult to see the relevant tweets, but any tweet I might care about was immediately pushed down the page never to be seen or heard from again.

So what was my solution? Unfollow everyone. This is obviously a very unpopular decision. Twitterers hate when someone follows them in exchange for a follow back and then discards them and I am completely aware that I’m going to lose thousands of followers. But, I have had roughly the same number of followers for over a year, so its not like its just a quick follower churning system.

The second part of the solution that I’ve come up with will benefit everyone. If you would like to receive a follow back from @AssetInvesting simply leave a comment below this article with your twitter username and a brief description on what you typically tweet about and I will check you out. This will prove you are not a spam bot and we can see if we’re interested in each other’s tweets.

If I unfollowed you before and you are a legitimate account I apologize. But like I said this will benefit everyone. You know that if I follow you back you will be getting an engaged follower who will pay attention to your tweets. Your twitter name will be listed under my following section with a very small number of other names. So people browsing my twitter account will see you and this will increase your popularity. And of course you can also be assured that any direct messages I receive, I actually read.

So if @AssetInvesting unfollowed you or you tweet about business and want another follower, leave your twitter information in the comments below. Also this page is getting a decent amount of traffic so you may get a lot of new followers if you leave a detailed comment. Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.