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All transactions which consist in the market Forex, submit to conditions SPOT. According to these conditions, on all transactions which have been produced in the given trading day, realization of delivery of all sums is produced on the following. If you don’t want obey to such rules you should produce the transaction which is referred to SWAP. The given transaction allows closing and opening conditionally the transaction anew, as will allow settling all mutual relations of the parties.

For the client of the broker it will look as continuation of action of the rate next day. The given operation is produced exactly at 21:00 on GMT (that across Greenwich) and occurs in an automatic mode. In this case not settled there is only a resulting effect of that sum which participated in the transaction. It also is called as netting that means profit or a loss which was on your account after carrying out of operation SWAP. It is necessary to consider that SWAP is almost imperceptible on resulting effect of the transaction except influence on it so-called swap points.

Computation of SWAP points

In each country National and the central bank establishes discount rate of the currency. In each country there are the discount rates. Distinction between them happens rather big. If to follow for example of the USA and Japan discount rate at US dollar it is more than at Japanese yen in several times.

Here we notice a situation which is known to many. If you decide to place in bank the deposit in some national currency it can pay to you approximately 10 %. If you decide to make it too, but in US dollars to you will offer no more than 5 %, as all business is in a difference of discount rates.

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For sure, there is no secret that one of the greatest and also best available ways to earn good money at the moment is definitely by trading in the modern forex market. Besides, forex is known as well as so called foreign exchange market. In fact, this is exactly where a big part of the most powerful and best countries all over the world actually trade their national currencies on a regular basis. Thus the job of forex trading in this kind of market is definitely one of the faint of heart.

Moreover, it certainly takes attention, intelligence and also that mind which can really make snap decisions to sell or buy or get out totally. Well, it takes as well that mind which is capable to predict how particularly this type of market will go in future on any exact day in numerous varied conditions. And due to that, there have actually been foreign currency trading tools and means which automate decisions to clearly assist all new and old forex traders with making their trading decisions with more care of though and ease.

Of course, you may probably think that this obviously sound just like cheating. But still with this kind of market it is clearly not. In fact, the usage of foreign currency trading tools helps every investor in making their right and proper trading decisions at the correct time, because no human mind would surely be capable to do all the necessary calculations as soon as it is needed. And so you are able to find such trading tools simply and easily available for buying. Besides, they are very and very user-friendly.

In addition, such foreign currency trading tools can also be installed at any usual home computer where you can really access your trading platform through an available and working internet connection. Moreover, if you like and also wan to work from your own home, then this is definitely one of the best and greatest ways to do this. Well, being on your own personal computer, you are able to check the current standings of the foreign currencies which you are actually trading at any given time of the night and day. Of course, the following important data details why exactly such trading tools are so advantageous and also beneficial.

And thus for one exact thing, these trading tools are going to follow, create and also trade based on some forex signals without the necessity for you to do something. And finally, when you just set it up, you are going to set it for when exactly you want to sell and buy and after this your trading software is going to do the rest for you.

It is a must to gather as much info about Forex market as possible. Because this knowledge will help you not to lose much money on Forex trading or Forex investment.

Surely not a single piece of knowledge can be rock solid guarantee against losses, in particular on Forex market, but sometimes even one Forex books can save you much money.

This is only the first rticle from a cycle of clauses which urged to help to avoid to beginning traders the basic errors in trade and to teach to supervise risks with which Internet trading is connected.

Money Management Rules or capital management rules are those base principles of trade which should be observed irrespective of trading strategy applied by the trader, the tool or trade time. It is said that trade without observance of rules of capital management is a same roulette. Therefore to begin with we will try to explain on an example what for capital management at trade in the market Forex is necessary.

Let’s abstract from trade on Forex and we will present that we watch the football game. One of commands is very well organized in defense, doesn’t allow to the contender to break and score a goal. Yes, not that this command will manage in the fact most to hammer much, but to leave gate dry is already an art. Smart management by the capital also, unconditionally, is an art. Each football trainer dreams to have a command with good defense which becomes pledge of the future victories. Trade in the exchange market assumes the same principles, therefore make capital management a part of your forex strategy.

Currency trade means that if we lose 50 % of the deposit to return to former level it is already necessary for us to win back all of 100 %. To catch a trend in the market simply, however it is difficult to use it to the full. So, to begin with you should remember following rules:

Don’t begin with the big credit shoulder

Don’t use at first a credit shoulder more than 1:100. You should understand that the greater credit shoulder is the above is risks of loss of the deposit. Many brokers are ready to offer a fabulous shoulder to 1:1000, however don’t forget that with shoulder growth your risk grows also to lose means. Also it is possible to start to trade from fractional prizes.

Don’t place postponed warrant Stop Loss too close

Consider noise and market volatility at placing a Stop Loss. Too close placing of stops doesn’t warrant safety but only increases probability to be stopped. Give as much as possible time to statement of the postponed warrants. In the future the received skills only will help you.

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Any strategy of capital management is nothing else but the casino.

Forex and casinos are studied by a science which is called the “game theory”. Advantage of gaming house is such concept of a casino which designates that the majority of games have probability for a casino, and there where against it is for example, in poker or a blackjack.

Probability financial markets support the trader if its participant has enough wide experience of work in it. But the core here is nevertheless in the psychological factor. Here there is a ratio 95/5, instead of that the person can’t learn is correct to produce the auctions. Nevertheless capital management strategy is present both at a casino, and in forex. They can be proved that or other logic, but as a whole a principle at them general: the greatest resource can be entered into game then, under a condition it is final reasonable risks, when the price for game and chances above.

In a casino the player calculates probabilities of outcomes using the logic: as the example, on the basis of conclusions as the croupier throws a ball, or what card at him has appeared at game in poker. The trader in financial market produces the reasons on the basis of a statics, the arguments principles are based on THAT the “History repeats itself” and “the Price knows all”, or simply on the – being proved by THAT and THIS.

Proceeding from all aforesaid, it is possible to make a definitive question which the majority of “hazardous players” interests: there have to be both in a casino, and in forex, some likelihood events how to reach the best result at resource distribution at certain admissible risks?

Recently game in a casino and rates at stock exchanges Forex acquire slightly other character. First of all it concerns casino online. With the advent of a network the Internet play with figures became much more interesting as at players has appeared more chances of good luck and a prize. In this connection has appeared more strategy for victories.

Therefore the person aspires to find and offer some new and even more perspective variants of successful game. Having summed up this note, it is possible to draw a conclusion: it is possible to win everywhere where there is on that a possibility or where there is a movement of money…

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In fact, so called Zulu trade is actually in the type of trading in the forex market by managing your forex investment accounts automatically by assisting forex investors to really make their investment decisions which are going to earn them some money. But before you clearly choose some managed account service and also some trading system programs, there are some essential factors which should be checked before you truly invest your real money in this kind of market.

It is necessary for you to act just like a detective when you are taking your first step in selecting your managed trading account or just like a girl of her first date. You need to find out more information about the growth career of the company, how long exactly this company has actually been trading and also managing money of forex investors. You should choose that managed account service which really has a quite impeccable record and also has enough experience in managed foreign currency trading online.

For sure, you are searching for that managed trading online company which is going to look after all your personal interests, not only fatten their own interests with exact commissions. Besides, the investment company doesn’t need to be only after trades, but it also has to be after establishing your own investment plan and also choose the right and proper plan for you. However, to do that it is necessary for you to understand firstly what type of investor you actually are.

Moreover, you should also reject that forex managed account service which is just right into selling you anything. And you also need to pay enough attention to warning sings when such service account clearly gives you some sales pitch before asking you something about your financial goals. Thus if you really let yourself get carried by such sales pitches, here is what exactly can possibly happen.

Of course, the forex investment company can definitely select that plan which may obviously not suit your needs and requirements or it may also by searching for some ways to really persuade you for trading on the modern forex market on some quite hot rumors although the expert and professional forex traders know that the market is going to slide.

In addition, let’s mention advantages of choosing so called Zulu trading as your own forex signal trading. Well, this kind of trading is a completely registered forex investment company for several years when you actually invest your real money with that managed forex account, then your own investment is going to be highly protected and secured. And finally, it also utilizes that forex signal system which predicts the market condition and certainly tells you the correct time for buying and selling your trade.

It is a must to gather as much info about currency exchange market as possible. Because this info will help you not to lose much money on Forex trading or Forex investment.

Surely not a single piece of knowledge can be rock solid guarantee against losses, especially on Forex market, but sometimes just one Forex books can be of big service to you.

Well, if you are looking for some proper information about forex in the internet, then you are most likely to find some articles that are related to trendline analysis and also trendlines. In fact, let’s mention Tom DeMark, he is a specialist and professional in the field of technical analysis of the market, and his work actually spells out some particular innovative techniques when it really comes to utilizing trendlines.

Of course, much essential information in the internet is of only general nature. Besides, many different articles are obviously written about this kind of market by those individuals who are certainly not foreign currency traders themselves. But from the other side, Tom DeMark had a quite long career with those institutions which are trading futures, stocks, options and also foreign currencies. For sure, his main guidelines on the usage of those trendlines are quite specific and they also can be quite helpful and useful to all newcomers and beginners who are actually looking for some efficient information on how exactly to utilize standard forex indicators.

Thus here is a quite brief step-by-step description of how exactly to draw such trendlines. It is necessary for you to note that the term swing low and also swing high which are also called cycle low and cycle high definitely refer to the several main points. In fact, in a downtrend the swing low is actually the wick of that candle which is much lower than so called wick of the candle to the right and left. Moreover, in an uptrend this swing high is certainly the wick of a candle which is much higher than the wick of the candle to the right and also to the left.

Without any doubt, the more candles to the right and to the left which are higher in the swing low and also lower in the swing high really make the cycle or swing much more significant. Well, an uptrend is exactly where the price is clearly making higher lows and also higher highs. In addition, a downtrend is particularly where the price is obviously making lower lows and also lower highs.

But now let’s talk about drawing DeMark trendlines. First of all, we will mention drawing trendlines in the uptrend. It is necessary for you to examine the bottoms of all available candles on your forex chart and also you need to identify just the most recent candle wick which is lower than those candle wicks to the immediate left and right of it. And finally, you should look on your chart and also identify the previous low candle which actually has candle wicks that are higher to the immediate left and right of it.

It is important to gather as much knowledge about currency exchange market as possible. Because this knowledge will help you not to lose much money on Forex trading or Forex investment.

Surely not a single piece of knowledge can be a 100% guarantee against losses, in particular on Forex, but sometimes even one Forex books can be of big service to you.

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