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Who says you have to stay at home to operate a profitable franchise business? The following franchise opportunities are for people that like to be on the go, or at least serve people that are!

Nitro2Go Distributorships

The energy drink market has really exploded and it still has plenty of room for growth. The energy drink industry grew by 55% last year and continued growth is expected. With a Nitro2Go distributorship you can take part in the more than $3 billion that were spent on energy drinks in 2005. More than a year later that number is going up so get involved now while the industry is hot!

The entry level start up package costs as little as $7,308 and this includes inventory! There are no hidden franchise fees you will be hit with down the road or any other hidden costs. What you see is what you get with a Nitro2Go distributorship. Incredibly, for such a small investment you will receive the refrigerators, merchandising materials, as well as all the product you need to get started.

Nitro2Go is one of the top ten mobile business opportunities because of the amazing product, small investment, and outstanding support. The distributorship requires a total capital investment of $8,000 and liquid capital of $8,000. No financing assistance is offered, but training and support are.

Cuppy’s Coffee and More Franchise

A drive thru coffee franchise is an amazing way to make money and have fun while doing it. Sell lattes, mochas, smoothies, coffee, and more, and capitalize on the popularity of coffee on the run. Cuppy’s Coffee and More provides such a wonderful product that customers return several times a week. All the training you need to run your Cuppy’s franchise successfully will be provided to you. This includes Coffee College, in store training, and support that continues. This includes finding a piece of real estate with high potential and a low price.

The total capital investment is $25,000 – $450,000 and the liquid capital requirement is $50,000. Your net worth must be at least $100,000 and financial assistance is available. Training and support are also supplied.

Filtafry Franchise

This internationally recognized franchise provides a wonderful opportunity to those who want a successful business. Services are provided on a weekly basis and a customer base with as few as 40 customers is enough to make the business successful. Filtafry is environmentally friendly and may be run form one’s home, which makes overhead low. Little stock is needed and the first few customers are guaranteed. Filtafry may be run by one person from one van, or multiple van operations may be created to increase revenue. Success is practically guaranteed with all the support offered to Filtafry franchisees.

Total capital required for this business is $63,750 – $75,100 and financing via a third party is acceptable.

Aussie Pet Mobile Franchise

For all the pet lovers out there the Aussie Pet Mobile franchise is a great mobile franchise opportunity. Total capital investment is between $60,000 and $240,000 and a net worth of at least $150,000 is required. Financial assistance is not provided although training and support is.

The Aussie Pet Mobile has become very popular since its inception in Australia in 1996. In fact, this is the pet industry’s fastest growing franchise. More than 330 territories in the US have been franchised and 10 other countries worldwide have been sold the master licenses. The business model is outstanding and a guaranteed success.

Drug Test Consultant

This franchise is outstanding as it helps kids, parents, and you as a businessperson. For as little as $3000 you can sign the contract and become a Drug Test Consultant. Financing assistance is not available, although training and support are. This opportunity is amazing because it costs little to get started, full support is offered, and before long you will be making money and will have paid off your initial investment in no time! The Drug Test Consultant is an outstanding opportunity.

Squeegee Squad Franchise

The Squeegee Squad is a franchise that take advantage of the maintenance services and contract cleaning industry. Billions of dollars are spent each year with franchises like this, so buying a Squeegee Squad franchise is a wonderful opportunity for growth. The total capital investment is $44,451 – $71,262 and financial assistance is not offered. Training and support are offered.

The benefit of this franchise is that it may be started out of your home and has low start up costs. There is no real estate you need to buy or inventory to count. Plus, if you work every day you get paid every day!

Maid Brigade Franchise

In this world of busy workdays people just don’t have time to clean up after themselves. So, they hire someone to do it. Owning a franchise like Maid Brigade ensures that you have plenty of business because everyone’s homes get dirty! This franchise requires a total capital investment of $104,000, although financing assistance is available via a third party. Training and support are also offered.

Light Therapy Systems Franchise

One of the top 10 mobile franchises is Light Therapy Systems. This franchise requires a total capital investment of only $10,000. Training and support are offered and no experience is necessary. The profit margins are excellent and the services are highly desirable. Light Therapy Systems provides treatment for acne, cellulite, facial rejuvenation, depression, and psoriasis. This mobile franchise has huge market potential and requires minimal investment.

Dine in Delivery Franchise

With a capital investment as little as $20,000 you can have your very own Dine in Delivery franchise! This opportunity provides training and support so you aren’t out on your own. Basically, the Dine in Delivery business focuses on delivering meals from participating restaurants to homes, offices, and hotels.

With the average worker spending more time in the office and with entry costs comparatively low, mobile businesses are set to become one of the fastest growing sectors of the franchise industry.

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This article recently appeared in the weekly Northern Review Newspaper, Limpopo Province, Polokwane, South Africa and was written by a reporter, Liana Jansen.

Who has ever come across a website offering products and resources for all walks of life, like pregnant mothers, pre-school children, middle-year children, teenagers, parents, adults, grandparents, career junkies, craft junkies, hobby junkies, recipe tasters, chefs, fitness freaks, sport freaks, health freaks, outdoor enthusiasts, training consultants, supervisors, managers, senior managers, shareholders, entrepreneurs, website owners and business owners?

The International Business Opportunities Membership Club gives you an opportunity to invest in yourself and your family members. Their website is informative and diverse.

“Formal education will make you a living, but self-education will make you a fortune”. These are the words of Jim Rohn and also the philosophy of the founders of the International Business Opportunities Membership Club.

Do you want to change your lifestyle, take that dream holiday or secure a future for your children? The International Business Opportunities Membership Club gives you an opportunity to invest in yourself and your family members so you can achieve precisely that. Their self-explaining, interesting and possible life-changing website is easy to use, diverse, informative and interactive.

The website can change your point of view regarding money and opportunities and open up a world of changed thinking.

This is definitely a website for any person with a desire to improve his or her parenting or career performance, or looking for expert support and advice.

They describe themselves in short as “a website that offers the largest and most diversified, digital wholesale products on the net, for the sole benefit, comfort and pleasure of all family members. You can get expert self-study career development products, which can jump-start your success in life in no time. Get the essentials in career development for fast results on the corporate success ladder, in your entrepreneurial life and in your life as a parent”.

Surely with four gigabytes of product downloads available to members, ranging from career, child and parenting development products to recipe e-books, niche products, resale rights products, private label rights products and software, a step-up is just around the corner. For instance, it is rare to find a website, with numerous products for development of child talents, as well as a huge arsenal of over 300 private label rights e-books, covering a variety of interesting and needful subjects. They also offer easily understandable paying methods, sporting very reasonable rates.

In addition to the vast variety of software products, they also offer five affiliate programs, which can make you money right away. What is more of a sensation is that all these products of more than 1000, including the affiliate programs, can be yours, as you can become the owner of it with your membership. Once you have become a member, you can create many more affiliate program packages of your own.

The International Business Opportunities Membership Club’s website truly offers “self-improvement in a fun and enjoyable way”.

If you are looking for a fresh way in which to improve your lifestyle, future and career, you will find everything you may need at their website. They have several informative article directories on subjects such as self-improvement, self-development, education and private label rights.

If you want to improve your child’s development, improve your own online or offline career, start or expand a online or offline business, improve your parenthood skills or your child’s talents, get more products to sell online, improve a relationship, understand human behaviour better, protect your family better, climb the corporate ladder faster or make internet money without a web site and without your own products, this is the site to visit.

Even if you only subscribe to their quarterly magazine, you get access to more than four hundred products, of which one is a bundle with funny, bizarre, sensational, magnificent, breathtaking, exotic and royalty free photos and videos, to stir up a stampede of visitors, from social bookmarking sites, to your website.

Here is a little secret revealed to me by one of the co-founders:

“We are planning to announce a special bonus coming up for all our members.

We have gone through all the high-end courses from Gurus such ad Derek Gehl, Mike Filsaime, Carlos Garcia and Jodi Hans. They all have a different approach to their success and what they teach others about internet success.

We are busy compiling a special report, wherein the best of each of these Gurus will be combined into one super guide, which sure as daylight will create a absolute sensation on the net.

All of these guys have made millions on the net and we are going to spill their beans from what we have learned from each of them. These courses are priced above $1400.00 each.

The good news is that each member will get a copy of this sensational report for free, as part of membership benefits.

The bad news for some is that other people outside the ring of membership, will have to buy this product at a price of $297.00 and only our valued members will get the chance to resell this special guide as affiliates, for a whopping profit of 50%”.

The central theme of this website is to show you how to transform any person or group into high performance. All the other products are just bonuses. This golden thread of the core benefits provided by this site, is tagged for you, with a small golden goblet, throughout all the pages.

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I just got a new computer. It’s the most fun I have had in a long time.

For those of you thinking, “Boy, she needs to get out more,” let me explain. My old computer was dying a slow death — and I’d procrastinated mightily in identifying its replacement. I was nervous: what if the new computer didn’t work any better? What if I picked the wrong one? I don’t know anything about computers. What if the person I hired to transfer the files did a bad job? My business relies on this computer.

But finally, the reality of my computer’s imminent demise overcame my list of worries. I took action – activated my network, found someone to build a machine for me and then transfer all of my files. In short, I had to make several decisions that involved a good-sized chunk of money and the health of my business.

So what made this process fun?


I fell in love with the risk. I was absolutely exhilarated by it. After a life time of hoping to avoid it and trying to circumvent the discomfort associated with it, I embraced it. I said, “Bring it on!” Granted, when I review my life, I see that through the years, I’ve taken lots of substantial risks, and most of them have worked well. I still dreaded them, but once resigned that I needed to move forward with those various actions, I proceeded in an agonized, albeit effective manner. The computer experience kicked off an internal shift in the way I perceive risk and make decisions. Looking back, I realized that I used the six steps to help me through my computer purchase and set up. Unknowingly, I’ve used these steps many times before. Perhaps these steps will help you as well.

The next time you’re making decisions that feel risky or are making a choice to take risk:

1.Gather information. When faced with any risk, whether you fear it or not, it’s imperative to gather the information you need to make informed decisions. Some people struggle at this point, depending on their personality and decision-making habits. Some want to jump into action too quickly, while others get bogged down in the information. Identify your own habits.

2.Look the decision or risk squarely in the face. What do you need to be honest about? What are the facts? What are the assumptions you’ve made? Do you require a contingency plan?

3.Notice any fear. If fear has crept in (and it probably has), observe it. Is it stopping you from moving forward, standing up for yourself, or expressing your needs or desires? Try jotting down your concerns on a piece of paper. Review each one – which fears are ungrounded? What are you avoiding? Which concerns require action? What would that action be? What support or assistance do you need?

4.Identify the decisions. Usually, any risk involves making a series of smaller decisions that either lead up to the big decision or follow it. Again, note these on paper. What’s the logical sequence for decisions? Do you know the decision that you’ll make? What obstacles, if any, are in your way? What else do you need to know?

5.Check in with yourself. What’s your gut feeling? Tuning in is especially important if you’re sitting on the fence or feel forced to take a risk with less information than you’d like. Risk taking inherently requires a leap of faith and confidence in yourself that no matter what happens, you can handle it, find a solution or get the help that you need.

6.Make the decision! Now that you’ve completed the previous five steps, you’re in a better position to take the risk that’s right for you.

Here’s the other thing my computer adventure taught me about risk. It becomes exhilarating when you have confidence in yourself and have faith in your actions. I was pretty sure that if I took the right actions, I’d see the right results. I also noticed that facing my fear was a more direct route to my goals than continuing along the circuitous path of avoidance I’d been taking while procrastinating.

By the way, the new computer runs like a champ. It’s wicked fast — as we like to say here in the northeastern part of the US (in New England??). The files transferred beautifully. And, it turns out that, in the end, I knew a thing or two about computers after all.

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Business owners know the bottom-line impact of business communication. It doesn’t matter if the communication is a memo to employees, a sales letter to prospects, or a thank you note to customers… A clear, quality message can build your business and the wrong message can demolish it.

Clear messages motivate employees, create positive change in the workplace, increase the possibility of getting a raise, and (most importantly) make a sale! The wrong message can mean lost opportunities, upset employees, and can even send your customer to the competition! Which type of message would you rather give?

Use these 4 steps to make sure that your communication improves your bottom line.

1. Know your audience. Ask yourself what is important to your audience? Make sure that every sentence resonates clearly with the message that you know what your audience wants and you can deliver it. For example: If you are writing to your boss and you’re asking for a raise, don’t complain about the rising cost of homes; your boss is concerned about the business’ bottom line. So instead, talk about how you are going to be more productive and improve the business’ bottom line because of your raise.

2. Know the action you want your audience to take. Often, our messages can be muddled if we are not clear in stating what we want. Don’t “beat around the bush”… make it obvious that you’d like to see a specific action occur as a result of what you’ve written. For example, if you are sending a memo to employees, don’t just write several paragraphs about the need to be on time in the morning. Your employees will think that your memo is right but won’t necessarily take action to correct their behavior. Instead, clearly point out the time you expect them to show up, the consequences for not showing up, and a specific action they can take to indicate that they have arrived on time.

3. Make your communication easy to read. At the beginning of your communication write what you are going to cover. Then cover the topics in the order you stated at the beginning. Then review the topic quickly at the end. If appropriate, put a space between each paragraph and break up lists into bullets. Repeat your point clearly in the first and last paragraph. Avoid unnecessary words.

4. Proofread your work! Nothing reduces the perceived value of a business communication like a missing or incorrectly spelled word. If you are dashing off an email to a coworker, give it a quick read-through. If your work will be read within company walls by subordinates or superiors, have someone else read through it too. If the message is leaving the company to go to prospects, customers, or vendors, make sure that you have at least two other people read the communication before it leaves the building.

Written business communication is an important way that we interact with others. The right messages can build our business and the wrong messages can demolish it. To increase productivity, to improve customer service, and to make more sales, follow these 4 business communication steps to success.

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Most Multi-level Marketing (MLM) business models involve selling to close family, friends & business colleagues and recruiting them in your downline. You pay a small sum of money to join and then make money both from your own sales and the sales of the people that you have recruited.

Initially your friends will humour you and take time out to listen but in the longer term they will slowly start to keep their distance or even become downright intolerant of your attempts to treat them as a cash cow.

What happens when you do manage to persuade a close friend to join your MLM programme? Most of the time that person will have no business experience and chances are that they will fail; up to 80% of new start-ups fail within the first five years. This could lead to you losing your best friend.

Another problem with the MLM business model (which is legal) is that it is hard to distinguish from a pyramid scheme that is illegal.

The main difference between a legitimate MLM business model and a pyramid scheme is that in MLM, real products are being sold to real people whilst in a pyramid scheme you make all of your money from the people that you recruit; your downline.

What has happened is that because pyramid schemes have been outlawed, many have come back disguised as MLM. This has created an intense feeling of distaste and hatred due to the fact that so many people have now lost money participating in such programmes.

In reality most MLM programmes are just pyramid schemes in disguise. When you attend the initial seminar you are presented with a picture of huge potential based on your downline. In reality only the people at the top of the pyramid stand a chance of making any serious money. The rest will pay their joining fee to find that there is no market for their products and be faced with trying to either enrol new recruits or lose their joining fee.

If you remove the product from an MLM scheme all you are left with is a pyramid business model which is definitely going to collapse at some point leaving only the very few that joined in the beginning with any chance of making money.

Let us examine the mathematics of a downline. Say I am at the top and I recruit 5 people. Each of those 5 people recruit 5 more. The new 5 then recruit 5 more. This is classified as 3 levels deep.

How many levels can the entire population of the UK sustain? By the time you reach 12 levels… the entire population of the UK is now involved in the pyramid scheme! This is never going to happen in reality but you can see that if there are only 3 or 4 people above you in your upline, then chances are that you are now entering at the very point of collapse.

Be very wary of any scheme whereby you make most of your money from recruiting other people. If you do not understand the mathematics speak to someone that does.

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