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Every week I see a new Forex trading software package claiming I can make huge gains with no effort and all for a hundred dollars or so – But which of these systems REALLY work? Let’s find out… forex broker

In a moment I will give you some free systems that have made hundreds of millions of dollars but first let’s get rid of all the systems that don’t work. If you want to spot them look for these key points:

– Claims of hundreds of percent or more in annual gains and under 5% in drawdown

– Claims of 95% or more in terms of accuracy

– Claims that they can predict the future with scientific algorithms

forex broker
You can spot these Forex robots easily, they will normally have a catchy name and retail for around a hundred dollars. Of course if you really could make money with little or no drawdown, with no effort and for the cost of a good night out, 95% of traders wouldn’t lose and they do. These systems don’t have a real track record, just simulations over past data but that’s easy! We could all be billionaires, if we knew tomorrow’s closing price today but we don’t.

If you want to cross a Forex trading software package off your list, look for a simulated track record or one the vendor tells you is true but has no audit of figures from an outside source.

Systems that Make Money and two that Have Made Hundreds of Millions in Profit for FREE!

If you want a system that makes money, you will normally see 50 – 100% annual gains with some drawdown, normally around 20 – 30% will occur even on the best systems and they will also produce an independent track record. These systems have periods of losses ( all good systems do) but stick with them and you could make huge profits.

To get you started, check out two free systems which are by trading legends which have made hundreds of millions in REAL dollars.

The Turtle Trading Rules by Richard Dennis

These rules were given to a group of newbie traders who piled up 400 million in profits with them. Dennis gave them the system to prove anyone could win with the right system and mindset and he was proved right.

The 4 Week Rule by Richard Donchian

A favourite of mine a one rule system you can learn in 10 minutes yet, it’s been piling up huge profits for nearly 30 years and its by another true trading legend Richard Donchian – the grandfather of modern trend following and one of the most respected traders of all time.

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Forex trading has developed to the extent that a forex trading software is an indispensible tool to the forex trader. The forex trader will need a forex trading software almost daily in accessing market information in real time. This information stream should be received without unnecessary delays, so that he is provided with non-stop and instantaneous information to help him conduct his trades. forex broker

So what are the criteria to follow in choosing a forex trading software?

There are three main criteria you will look out for in selecting a forex trading software, namely:

1. Type of forex trading software

2. Reliability

3. Specific personal needs

Let use look into the details of each criteria. forex broker

Type of Forex Trading Software

When looking at forex trading software, you can select between web based trading software and server based trading software.

For server based trading software, data servers are used to store website content and transactions of the users and traders. The main consideration for server based software is that of data transmission delays with currency trading software because of the Internet connection speed and the physical distance between the main server and the machine of the trader. At the same time, you need a physically well equipped computer to act as a data server. This means a one-off installation cost if you are not doing it yourself and also maintenance and upgrading costs.

In contrast, web based forex trading software, does not involve any installation in a specific server but resides on the broker’s website. As a trader you merely need to log in to the website and use it. That is why the web based trading software is more popular.


The second criteria is that of reliability.

When you select a forex trading software, pay attention to the reliability of the trading software. Reliability refers to the performance of the system to provide you instant access to the forex trading market, to check prices and movement. Check in the forums and trading chat rooms or perform due diligence on claims of the broker providing the trading software. If there are frequent complaints of trading downtime, stay away from these trading software. Another aspect of reliability is that of data delivery. Is there any undue time delays for the dissemination of both data prices and also results of fulfilment orders? Again, check this out by talking with other traders.

Specific Personal Needs

You should also assess the forex trading software based on specific personal needs.

Most forex trading software allow you to have a charting interface and to maintain trade records. However, if there are specific trading methods or strategies that involve that ability to manipulate or input specific trading indicators that is part of your trading style, then you will need to see whether the trading software can allow you to do that. For example, trading methods that uses a system of moving averages can easily be set up in most of the forex trading software available. However, if you require specific moving average indicators such as triangular moving averages or some new variations, then it is important for you to check whether such indicators are available in your forex trading software. Most forex trading software would not incorporate artificial intelligence projections, and if you are into such trading strategies, then you may need specific adds-on that must be compatible with your software.

Apply these general criteria to assess and select the forex trading software of your choice, and you will find the trading software to be a most valuable tool to assist you in earning consistent profits. In many cases, sophistication is not necessary the preferred choice, as long as the major 3 practical considerations or criteria mentioned above are met.

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If you want to make big profits from Forex you need to understand the concept of volatility and here we look at how to understand it and how to harness it for bigger Forex profits. To understand volatility you need to understand Standard deviation of price which may seem a bit confusing at first, but it’s totally logical and when you understand it, you will enhance your Forex trading profit potential.

Standard deviation gives an indication of the volatility of any price and that includes Forex prices; it measures how widely values (closing prices) are dispersed from the average price. Dispersion is the difference between the actual current price and the average value (mean closing price). The bigger the difference between the closing prices and the average price, the higher the standard deviation and volatility will of the currency pair will be. forex broker

Bollinger Bands – A Simple Visual View of Standard Deviation.

The Bollinger band consists of a centre band and two outer bands; the centre band is a 20-day simple moving average, the upper band is the 20-day simple moving average plus 2 standard deviations and the lower is a 20-day simple moving average less 2 standard deviations. When price volatility is low the bands are closer together, when volatility is high the bands expand and widen.

Why Bollinger Bands Work

In any market, the value of the instrument traded tends to rise slowly over the longer term. Prices may become volatile in the short term, but will normally come back to the longer term moving average (the centre band) The centre band represents “normal” value and a 20 day moving average is the average setting. The volatility of the outer bands shows how volatile prices are and how far away price is from “normal” value. forex broker

Bollinger bands are a key trading tool and can be used in the following scenarios

1. Spotting a New Trend

When a currency pair trades in a narrow range, the Bollinger bands will be narrow and close to the central moving average this shows a market with low volatility but low volatility never lasts for long and when prices break above or below the upper or lower band, a trend could be about to develop.

2. Timing Entry Levels in an Existing Trend

If you miss the start of a trend don’t worry you can simply look for a dip toward the centre band and enter in the direction of the trend. If you look at any strong trend, you will notice it dips back to the average middle band and you can then wait for momentum to turn up and enter a trading signal.

3. Market Turning points

When the price touch the top or bottom of the Bollinger band and momentum turns down, this is a an indication to take profits or look for a contrary a trading opportunity.

Bollinger bands and Momentum indicators

Bollinger Bands simply help you isolate the trading opportunity but you need confirmation of the trade and for this you need some momentum indicators to indicate the strength of price and two excellent visual indicators to use are the RSI and the stochastic.

Make Bigger Forex Profits

If you don’t understand Forex volatility, you won’t maximize Forex profits so learn about standard deviation of price and how to use the Bollinger Band and you will make bigger Forex profits and that’s what all traders want.

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This trading tip is all about why poker players tend to make great traders in fact, a huge number of poker players have become trading legends and the reason is simple – the skills you need to win at poker are exactly the same skills you need to win at Forex trading. Let’s look at the similarities in more detail.

What makes the poker player such a good trader is the way they are able to trade with patience and discipline which are two traits most traders lack. Before we look at the importance of discipline, lets look at a major error traders make in terms of how and why prices move. forex broker

Most Forex traders think the markets move to science or some higher force and can predicted in advance and think the market can be beaten. The markets cannot be predicted in advance of course but you can win, if you play the odds correctly – so how do you trade the odds?

In a game of poker, the good players have no idea what hands other people may have or what order the cards will come out of the deck but what they do know, (by looking at their hand and the cards dealt) is their odds of success based on the odds and they play with the odds firmly in mind.

When a Forex trader starts to lose, he holds his losses and hopes they they turn around, the poker player doesn’t, he will pass hands by or folds, until he sees the right opportunity and when he does, he plays his hand. He knows that one good hand, can make up for 5,10 or more folds he had previously. What he is doing is trading with discipline, keeping losses small and being patient and waiting for the right opportunity and running his profits to cover his losses.

Contrast the above, with most how most traders trade – they run losses and trade to often, taking low odds hands and lose. The poker player knows the rules of the game but most Forex traders don’t follow the rules they need to win at Forex and the result is disaster.

Forex trading is the same as poker in many ways – you are trading the odds, you will have losers and need to accept them and you need to be patient and wait and hit the big trends hard. forex broker

There is an old poker saying and it applies to trading and its this:

” There’s a time to hold them, a time to fold them and a time to get out of town fast!”

The above statement is about survival in a game of poker but it also applies to survival in the markets. Any Forex trader to win, needs to trade with the same discipline as a poker player and play by the rules of the market – you cannot impose your will own rules – the rules of the market are the rules!

To learn Forex trading is simple and anyone can learn a strategy which can make money but to make money with it, you need to trade with discipline.

If you understand this article, you will see that most Forex traders are not beaten by the market but by themselves. So trade the odds, accept you are going to lose at times but understand if you always keep the odds on your side, you can make huge gains – in the world’s most exciting and lucrative business, global Forex trading for profit.

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