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Discover a Forex Robot that made 2,300% NET PROFIT in 2009 and download the Forex Auto Detector Software FREE that can increase the profitability of any forex robot by 53% and more. Test the Forex BulletProof RISK FREE for 60 days on your Forex Demo Account! Forex Bullet Proof is moving through the forex scene like a hot knife through warm butter! Never before have I witnessed so much hype about a FX product…They have put together (upon request) all the released information on a single page for us to “refresh” our memory so to speak and what’s more important…It’s the last chance to enter for the draw tomorrow to snatch up a FREE copy! So even if you know all the facts, want to put yourself “in the picture” or just want to get something incredible for FREE go to

As said before I was one of the few that had a chance to check the “beta” version and it – looks like we have a real winner here… don’t miss out! For those who want to make even more money with Forex Bullet Proof, here are our optimized settings that NOT even the developers know about…You know I can hardly wait as im writing this since we all here are EXTREMELY excited to show you what ForexBulletProof really can do on Tuesday!

We just took everything we wanted you to see onto 1 recap page…Also this is your very last chance to grab a free copy of the whole moneymaking system including addons and the super secret “beta” of Forex Bulletproof: Strategy Trader version .. an industries first!

Get in for the DRAW tomorrow! It`s going to be EPIC! As a little side note by now over 100,000 (!!) people have checked out this content and the hype is immense… Make sure to reserve your seat.. the early bird snatches the worm! I wish you the best and hope to welcome you soon in our elite circle!

Okay, in the case you haven’t noticed, Forex BulletProof would be the biggest forex software to be released in 2010. Perhaps in the next few days your mailbox will be flooded with emails promoting it from different marketers who don’t even have any single idea how FBF really works.

The reason Forex Bullet Proof could create such a huge buzz is because it’s another development by the number #1 forex software developer team in the world, the FAPTurbo team. More than 70,000 users around the world are using their systems, so you know they are the real deal, UP TO NOW.

Ok, the question is… does their new development Forex Bullet Proof work as what they claim?

Here’s what I must share with you. I must highlight with you TWO SERIOUS ISSUES OF Forex BulletProof:

******* Issue #1:
Forex BulletProof uses scalping strategies. So although it has advanced built-in strategies to minimize risk (aiming at a steady 5% monthly gain), it’s still exposed to some risks or inactivity during some specific market conditions.

Therefore, you must change some of its parameter settings in order to maximize its profit potential when the market condition changes. In the case you don’t remember, FAPTurbo is the best forex EA so far and it’s also a scalper. You can’t make it work to the fullest if you don’t understand some of its parameters.

******* Issue #2:
You might need to go through 2 upsells when you buy Forex Bullet Proof. One is the High Voltage ADD-ON which is a HIGH RISK / HIGH REWARD trading robot. It trades more frequently but I strongly advise you not to buy this add-on if you have no experience in forex trading.

Okay, now that I’ve explained to you the issues of Forex BulletProof, AND…

You see, I still strongly recommend Forex BulletProof to everyone. Why?

1. It made profits consistently. Just the same like FAPTurbo, it has been trading on many live accounts before. FAPTurbo team did a good job and they will show you their live accounts on their websites in the next few days.

2. It’s SAFE. It aims for small but stable income, 5% per month.

3. It comes with a comprehensive guide, video and training. Its member area has a dedicated forum, live support, phone support etc…

If you’ve used FAPTurbo before, you’ve known that they have world-class service. So my conclusion is: Forex BulletProof is very a good system for you, if you want to have consistent profits on autopilot. Forex BulletProof will be officially released to the public on August 31.

Get these Forex Scalping Cheatsheets plus the 10X Scalping System FREE. These forex scalping cheatsheets give you the best times for scalping plus five different methods of scalping. Download these Swing Trading Informants plus the Forex Profit Accelerator End of Day Trading Kit FREE. Try the Forex Bulletproof Robot RISK FREE for 60 days. Steve Carletti, developer of Forex Bulletproof: By now you are well aware of the hugely positive effect that Forex BulletProof can have on your financial future. You are also well aware of how much time and effort we have put into building this safe and secure robot- even sacrificing higher gains for greater security and lower risk. And finally, you are well aware of the fact that BulletProof has averaged a 5% monthly gain for the last 6 years without ever hitting a margin call! The only thing left to do now is…..GET YOUR COPY!!

As you know, we are only selling 10,000 copies of this game-changer and over 15,000 people have signed up on our waiting list. That means- you snooze, you lose! If you want a chance at securing your financial future, you’ve got to act early and beat the crowd. I strongly advise you to stop what you’re doing and make a decision that will truly better your life. And it’s not just my opinion- just check out what our beta testers are saying:

I am so incredibly proud of this robot, as I know it’s going to make 10,000 people’s dreams come true. Maybe not overnight, or even in a week, but over time, it WILL build incredible wealth for those who are lucky enough to snatch up a copy. And if you’re REALLY lucky, you may just be one of ten people who have won a 100% FREE copy of BulletProof! Check out the list at the bottom of the page to see if your name is on there! I look forward to seeing you inside the Members’ Zone!

Yes, you read right. The Forex Bullet Proof System should be outright banned, not for underperforming, but instead for OVERPERFORMING. Who would have thought that out of all these junk BS robots, there would be a true gem, the holy grail. Don’t take our words for it though…we have PROOF…live trading statements. These are real money live accounts. No backtests, no simulations, no demos, only hardcore real proof.

All the statements shown on that page are real live trading accounts, just more proof to help you get over the fence! Make sure to read every word on that page carefully. It will be the most important page you will read EVER. Make an informed decision, but make it quick. Remember, we are offering an exclusive bonus package for anyone who purchases Forex Bullet Proof through our link.

Watch this weird 30 minutes Forex Nitty Gritty Video just now. Discover the Freedom Forex Formula that made $34 million from scratch using a simple forex method. Watch these videos and download this special manuscript FREE that explains this simple forex method in step by step detail. Try Forex Bulletproof RISK FREE for 60 days.

I was forwarded me 2 emails this morning… One was from an experienced trader from Arkansas, called Reggie who has made $2475 in automated profits since the Tuesday release of it…The other was from Simon Reid, who hails from Auckland, New Zealand… This was a particular interesting one, because he has never traded Forex before, but yesterday he was able to make $428 in one day, by using easy-to-use Forex software…

It is so easy to use, that all you need to do is plug it in and carry on with your daily duties, safe in the knowledge that it is actively making money on your behalf. However, I have also just been informed me that he only has 48 copies remaining and intends to shut down his site as soon as they are gone, which could even be in the next few hours or even minutes… I strongly advise you not too miss out on what has proven to be the hottest software on the market, and the hundreds of successful users are a testament to this fact.

FAP Turbo Team: Yesterday was a hell of a day. For short periods of time the fapturbo website was not reachable due to the massive onslaught of people trying to get their robot setup. Now Steve, Mike and Ulrich decided to still give everyone another day (last chance) to get the best FX robot out there at the heavily discounted price. If you are still on the fence take action now. Remember you are fully protected by the money back guarantee so you should not miss this out. The robot traded yesterday and made again nice gains building the accounts. it`s an impressive sight. All accounts are updated real time on the web page!

Last week was definitely one of the most action-packed weeks we’ve seen in recent Forex history. Steve and the Forex Bullet Proof Team just kept dropping one bomb after another! My sources on the inside tell me that this is just the beginning and they’ve got even more lined up this week, but for whatever reason you somehow missed the incredible stuff they sent out, they’re keeping it available for another day or so.

See the amazing comics, reports, everything here…Get a behind the scenes look at the Forex Bullet Proof System, the developers and the team, their 4000 lines of code, and their exclusive partnership with the biggest forex broker in the world – FXCM (Boston Technologies)…I can’t wait to see what they do next! Whatever it is, I know it’s going to be a stunner! If you have even the slightest interest in Forex then you can’t afford to miss out on this stuff: If you want to grab a free fully funded $500 brokerage account to go along with your Forex Bullet Proof copy, check here:

Every week, we are told of some B.S. forex guru launching the next best holy grail robot…Frankly, I am sick and tired of it, no proof, no facts, nothing, NADA. Well, I finally found something different. I have been testing Steve’s Forex Bullet Proof System (slated to be released this coming Tuesday at 9AM EST) since the past month, and found even BETTER OPTIMIZED settings that the developers don’t even know existed…(or maybe the developers did know about these optimized settings, but didn’t want to release them just due to their sheer profit multiplying capacities..)

We just got the latest news about ForexBulletProof and the more I hear about it, the more it sounds like we have a true industry changer in front of us! Well, to be honest, I wouldn`t have expected any less from Steve and crew after I had a look at Forex BulletProof`s beta code 🙂 What You probably already knew is that Forex BulletProof operates on the Metatrader platform…

What you probably did NOT know is that there’s also a beta version of ForexBulletProof coded for the latest trading platform, STRATEGY TRADER, from the FXCM brokerage. Yes, ForexBulletProof will be the WORLD’S FIRST commercially available FX robot on the Strategy Trader platform that was first presented in Las Vegas at the FXCM Expo! They claim better and faster executions since Strategy Trader uses no bridges and was exclusively developed for FXCM. The results seem to be truly astounding!

Get these Correlation Trading Cheatsheets FREE. Discover a Forex Robot that made 2,300% NET PROFIT in 2009 and download the Forex Auto Detector Software FREE that can increase the profitability of any forex robot by 53% and more. Try the Forex Bulletproof RISK FREE for 60 days. The copies of Forex BulletProof are selling fast and I’ve heard through the grapevine that Steve may be shutting the site down soon. I’m not sure if that’s just a rumor, but I wanted to let you know so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your copy. I’ve gotten a ton of good feedback from people who have already downloaded Forex BulletProof and started using it. It seems this EA is exceeding all expectations!

I’ve also heard great things about the beta version for Strategy Trader, and the live support being offered by the Forex BulletProof team has been impeccable by all accounts. You owe it to yourself to check this one out. Trust me, your wallet will thank you! Remember, we are offering an exclusive bonus package for anyone who purchases Forex Bullet Proof through our link. Please follow the instructions here:

The common complaint I hear from subscribers is that when they invest in a new system the support is shocking. What use is a system if you can’t get help with making profits from it? Well here’s the good news. The support for this NEW system below is reported to be second to none…But, the bad news is that only 31 copies are left. This is going to sell out TODAY. No doubt about it…Hurry, grab a trial copy (risk-free) from this page: Where else do you find photos of the actual support team who will also speak to you on a phone to help you make money from Forex? Look here…

When you trade, the more things you know to be fact the better you can trade. For example, you know for a fact where you can place your stop loss. You don’t know if you are going to win that trade, or lose the trade. You don’t know if your stop will be hit. There are actually few things in a trade you can control.

But what if…What would you do if you knew with an absolute certainty that the EUR was weakening and the USD was strengthening. What would you do? Go long the EUR/USD? What about if you knew the EUR was strengthening and the GBP was weakening? Would you buy EUR/GBP? You’ve probably heard about Forex Bullet Proof but just in case you haven’t, here’s what you need to know.

– It turned a $1000 deposit into $149,484 over the past 6 years.

– The EA is built to produce steady growth (5% per month) focusing on stability & capital preservation.

– You can upgrade and get the High Voltage EA! A High Risk/High Reward trading robot. Not for the faint of heart!

– Adjustable take profit and stop loss levels.

– Works with 4-5 digits brokers and ECN brokers.

– Works on all currency pairs.

– It is backed up by 6 years of live trading history. Not a single losing month!

– Works in all market conditions.

– High quality customer support options like e- mail, live chat support and phone support available.

– Minimum deposit: $100.

Try the Pips Dominator that made $500,000 on average each year for 5 years RISK FREE for 60 days. Discover a Forex Robot that made 2,300% NET PROFIT in 2009 and download the Forex Auto Detector Software FREE that can increase the profitability of any forex robot by 53% and more. Get a glimpse of Forex Bulletproof 4,000 lines of code. We hope have read about Forex BulletProof… one of the most promising EAs on the market (and yes, the FapTurbo team is behind it!) Anyway… today we’ve got something great for you – something that hasn’t been done before! The FBP team’s revealing key code lines that have been programed into the robot… they’re exposing stuff NO-one ever dares to.

Also…You’ll be able to see the FBP team and how hard they’ve worked. By the way, one of the development team members managed to make over 10,000% net profit with the robot during the programing and testing phase! Remember, too, that you’ll still be eligible for a N0-Cost copy of the robot:

The Pips Dominator team are unleashing their deadly new trading software on the market RIGHT NOW! If you’re new to Forex trading, this software is exactly the tool you need. You could be trading with the professional’s in a matter of minutes and making consistent profits in no time…the best part is that it’s so easy to set up and use that a child could do it…If you’ve been around in Forex for a while with limited or no success– you’re finally in luck. Pips Dominator is flagship software different from anything available on the market to date.

The golden rules of Forex Trading have been hardcoded into this flagship software, allowing the user to diversify and minimise risk– the end result is a portfolio of unique software optimised for the special market conditions of 2010/11. Pips Dominator simply put, is the key to Forex success. Let me tell you why:

– It hunts down the best trades

– It kills emotion

– It finds potential wins very regularly on a daily basis

Designed by professional Forex traders and advanced programmers, this software is based on complex maths and statistics…and its profit potential exceeds that of any human…. All you need to do now is to grab your copy at the special launch price, before it sells out. This will only be available for a few days. Membership will fill up fast, so don’t wait.

If you have not grabbed your copy of the incredible Pip Dominator then you are about to make a big mistake! If you have not heard about Pip Dominator and its top secret methods it uses to bypass the broker’s shady tactics that stop us from truly making huge automated profits, then you must see this…Well now they only have 68 copies remaining and they are shifting at an alarming rate… Check out why These methods can never be detected by Forex brokers here.

This isn’t a simple case of using stealth mode like most other below par software attempts to do… This is more complex and includes creating specialist algorithms that can bypass the security systems that brokers have in place to stop us from making crazy amounts of money via Forex trading. If you like the idea of earning an easy 6 figures a year from Forex, then make sure you listen to what these guys have to say as they teache us how to look through the Forex brokers, and shows us the dirty tricks that the brokers are up to. No matter how hard the brokers try, we will always beat “the house” when we use these methods…

This is the best opportunity you will get to crack Forex this year, and the best part is they actually promises to support you 100% as you embark on your money making adventure. But you have to remember that they only have 68 copies remaining and they are sure to all be gone by the end of today, so its important you act now…Mark has successfully studied many Forex millionaires and managed to work out why these guys are so successful, while the majority of traders fail…

Then he was able to automate the exact same trading style they use, to create a unique software that anyone who has a vested interest in making money online can use to reap in cash from the Forex market. This is probably your last chance to get hold of this…In fact by the you have read this email Mark may have sold out and already closed his site down.

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