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These days most traders are trying to make their business safer and avoid risks in their trades. Some individuals consider forex day trading to be really a high risk trade. The cause is that you have a little time to finish the trade. But day trading can be really safe if everything’s done the right way. In the following post we are going to talk about what can be done to prevent major risks in day trading.

In fact the most astute traders know how to make their trading less risky. Some individuals assume that higher risk levels offers a great many opportunities. Anyhow this opportunities can only be used when you know how to do this. Only the traders who have enough experience and knowledge to safeguard their capital will be able to maximize their profits and avoid risks. It’s necessary to know that without hedging effectively you are putting your trade to a big risk. Furthermore, because of a limited time frames lots of liquidity is a must for a successful day trading.

In order to reduce the risk level in day trade you should be able to pick trading opportunities that have as little time value as possible. You should understand that the only options that an be profitable enough in the day trading are near-month in-the-money ones. The thing is that they have the least time value and therefore provide you with the best opportunities to make money. Besides, these options are also more liquid, since they are traded by a large amount of traders. Finally, they have a smaller bid-ask spread, which make these options perfect for a day trading.

Additionally, if you want to reduce the risks in your day trade, you should be knowledgeable enough. So to say, you should know more about the common day trading stocks mistakes in order to avoid them.

Finally, it should be noted that another effective way to reduce the trading mistakes during day trade is to get the right options trading system. Actually, with the help of such program, you will get the necessary analysis of the market. Using such an analysis, you will be able to get the correct information, helping you to know the best options for day trading as well as the right time to trade them. I want to mention that a one-time investment in the correct trading system will pay you huge dividends. Believe me with the help of day trading, if anything is done right, you will be able to start earning more money than you ever did before.

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It’s already shaking things up and breaking old paradigms in the Forex trading community. See what one trader had to say: “I have been trading the Forex markets for 3 years, and I can honestly say this is probably one of the most interesting videos I have seen. Bill, you have a gift of being able to explain a method that every one can understand, look forward to your next video…”but wait until you see the next video… PART 2 is ready now! It’s called…

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* How to get into a “FREE trade” situation ASAP with all your Forex trades (this should be your #1 goal with ALL trades)…
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Top 2 Forex Income Engine 2.0 questions answered (video)! This is just a courtesy notice to remind you to check out Bill Poulos’s brand new, complimentary “Flexible Forex” training videos…they reveal how he and a small group of his students have been enjoying all the recent volatility in the Forex markets caused by otherwise “scary” market conditions elsewhere.

So while other traders are “frozen” waiting for the markets to recover, some traders have been actively trading the Forex markets this way, day after day, completely ignoring the media’s “doom and gloom” mantra. Want to see how? (These videos will be coming offline soon, so be sure to watch them and take notes before they disappear…) I’ll let you know if he releases any more training videos or updates. But in the meantime, if any of this piques your curiosity or interest, get ready for the special, limited release of his course next Tuesday, June 29th. It’s going to be exciting.

$2,114? 3 new Forex trades (your sneak peek preview) If taking $2,114 out of 3 Forex pairs with very little work sounds appealing, then read every word of this message, becaus…I have a couple of very important updates: 1. 35+ year trading veteran Bill Poulos will be be picking the lucky recipient of the first copy of his brand new Forex Income Engine 2.0 home study course at 12pm on Monday, so check out his “giveaway” page then to find out who the lucky trader ends up being. Maybe it will be YOU.

I just checked his site, and there are a TON of entries as I’m typing this. (There’s still time to get in, if you get this before 12pm Eastern on Monday, that is…)
2. Bill just opened up access to a special members website “preview” that showcases 3 Forex Income Engine 2.0 trade videos that he recorded, and he gave me permission to share them with you.

* Each one uses a different timeframe (4 hour, 30 minute, and 15 minute bars)…
* Each one took about 10-20 minutes to trade.
* Each one turned a profit.

Total profit so far is 200 pips, or $2,114 had you traded 2 standard lots. Not bad for a few minutes of “work”. 😉 (PLUS, 2 of the trades were still open at the time they were recording, still gunning for another 88 pips, or $880. I think you’ll agree with me if I say that’s awesome…To watch them, just login to his Forex Income Engine 2.0 member’s website preview. This is similar to the site you get access to when you become a student. To see the live trade videos, go to the “Pip Vault” section after you login to the site.

Be sure to check out the entire website, because Bill also put up some previews of all the CD-ROM modules so you can get a taste of what the course is like. I hope you’re as excited as I am about being able to get access to the entire Forex Income Engine course next week. And as you watch the live trade videos, I think you’ll agree that this method makes it possible for you to truly create a new income stream on YOUR SCHEDULE, trading as little or as long as you want. As you watch these trade videos, you’ll see how it doesn’t matter where you live or when you have time to trade, because setups occur around the clock, and almost at any time – again and again… and again…

Get this 70+ page Forex-4 Pack Forex Swing Trading Training Kit FREE. Read this 40 page shocking FRWC Brutal Truth FREE Report that exposes everything about Forex Robots. Meet the High Velocity Market Master and get your FREE COPIES of the Ultimate Day Trading System and the Universal Risk & Money Management Tool! This End of Day Trading System is meant for those having office jobs and not much time to do trading. In this End of Day Trading System trades are only entered once per day at the end of NY Session and then left to work for themselves out for the next 24 hours.

This End Of Day Trading System does not requires frequent trading. The idea is to trade less frequently and only enter those trades with high probability set ups. This is meant to reduce your trading costs and maximizing the winning percentage of trades.

With this End of Day Trading System, you can trade six currency pairs and various crosses like EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY, AUDUSD, USDJPY and USDCHF. Using different currency pairs minimizes the potential of trading highly correlated currency pairs together. It uses the 50, 100 and 200 SMA and 100/200 Bollinger Band plus 14/7/3 Stochastic. This is an extremely powerful trading method which requires only 1-2 hours of trading at the end of the day when the NY Session closes.

The idea behind this End of Day Trading System is identify entry zones for high probability trades and enter when a clear trading signal is generated by observing the price action on the Daily Charts. A swing trade is entered in opposite direction to the recent move.

The NY Session closes around 5 PM EST. Open the six daily charts depicting the six currency pairs mentioned above on your monitor simultaneously. In these six charts, identify the currency pairs that have its price touching or very close to 50,100 or 200 SMA OR the 100 or 200 Bollinger Band.

If you spot a currency pair price action touching one of the above and the Stochastic in the overbought or oversold mode, get ready for a trade. You need to know some of the candlestick reversal patters to get the confirmation before you enter the trade.

This is an extremely effective and powerful swing trading method for those having jobs to enter a trade at the end of the day by observing the six currency pairs at the end of NY Session close. Now keep these money management rules in mind when you use this method. Don’t use leverage more than 5:1. Use reward to risk ratio of at least 2:1. This approach is to practice this End of Day Trading System Swing Trading Strategy on your demo account for a few weeks. Once you have made a number of successful trades in a row, you can start trading live. Good Luck!

Know these Forex Charts. Learn this 10 minute a day Swing Trading Strategy that is highly profitable. Learn to reduce risk to zero and triple your profits safely with these FREE Flexible Forex Day Trading Videos! In day trading, the most important thing is risk management. Surprisingly, many people jump into day trading without giving much thought to risk management. Manage your risk first, rewards will come later.

Day trading requires long term commitment. You have to be persistent. You need to improve continously. That’s why risk management is important. If you do not preserve your capital, you will not be able to survive long in this game and you will be unable to reap the real profits.

So how do you start with risk management in day trading? Treat day trading as a business. Make a good business plan with proper targets. Risk management should be an important part of this business plan. Now risk management may require a number of different control levels like managing your account balance.Making sure, it does not fall below a certain level. Than you need to learn how to manage losses in each trade. Your business plan should be long term. You should think about yourself as a long term player.

You need to determine what is the acceptable level ofr risk that you can take. To make it more clear, you see I may be comfortable with one level of risk but you may not be comfortable with that level of risk. You may have a different level of risk that makes you comfortable. This level of risk is the amount of money in your account that you can afford to lose without losing your sleep or getting emotionally disturbed. Knowing this number what can call your,”Tilt Number”, is very important. With this tilt number in your mind, you can trade safely. If you reach this number in a trading day,stop trading. Something has gone wrong. Is it your trading strategy? Is it your trading style? Whatever. try to figure it out first. Only then you should restart your day trading.

Another rule that you can follow is,” Three Strikes and you are out.” What this means is that if you lose three trades in a row, stop trading. Re-evaluate your trading strategies and style and only trade after a thorough analysis of what went wrong and how you are going to correct it.

Always calculate your Risk to Reward Ratio before you enter in a trade. Do not trade if the Risk to Reward Ratio is more than 1:3. What this means is that you have a chance of winning 3 trades against losing 1 with this Risk to Reward Ratio. Any thing more than this should be considered as too risky.

Learn the use of Stop Loss. Never ever trade without a stop loss order in place. Manage each trade. If the markets are unpredicatable or you have difficulty understanding the market mood, don’t trade!

Meet the High Velocity Market Master and get your FREE copy of the Ultimate Day Trading System that can trade forex,stocks and futures. Get these FREE Forex Scalping Cheatsheets just now! This is what Bill Poulos has to say: “Even the best Forex trading method in the world has losing trades. That’s a FACT. Of course, you know this…but what you might not know is how to protect your trading account when a trade starts to go against you. I show you how here with a brand new “Breakfast Trade” I recorded a few days ago using one of the 3 methods from my Forex Income Engine 2.0 trading course.Watch how, after I get in the trade, the initial goal is to move my stop to ———.(I reveal this in the short video.)

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Norman Hallett from The Disciplined Trader Intensive Program: I’m sorry to those who asked me yesterday for the link to the REPLAY of Thursday Night’s “Forex Income Engine” insider’s Webinar. I’ve been fighting a cold and had to take most of yesterday off. This Webinar was actually only for those students who have already purchased Forex Income Engine 2.0, so you’ll be a “fly on the wall”, so to speak.

He covers…

* The 2 critical mistakes most Forex traders make, & how to avoid them every time you trade…

* How to create an “infinite” reward/risk ratio when you trade Forex, regardless of what pair or timeframe you trade…

* Why most traders actually LOSE money when they try to capture a market’s entire move, and how you can turn this into your advantage when you know the exact part of a market move you should be going after…Again, sorry I for the delay…

You’ll hear that I made an “appearance” at the Webinar. I’ll be holding a 1-hour seminar on trading discipline for those who invested in the course. I mean, what good is a good trading methodology (even Bill’s), without the discipline to run it? So, I’m helping Bill out a little with the mental and emotional side of things. Have a great weekend.

Tom Strignano on his Head Fake Filter: Ok, once again my infamous headfake system has almost completely soldout very fast…300 original spots…and we are down to just a few open spots…So we will close the doors today. If you are a serious minded trader, who is ready to take your forex trading to the next level. You definitely will want to see what this can do for you. I’ve never had anyone not see the monster power of this system. This is one of my old bank trading systems, so it’s for making serious gains. We will close sometime today, as there are just a few spots left.

Register for Bob’s Online Forex Classroom complimentary webinar just now! Watch these two free Flexible Forex Day Trading Risk Shield videos that can triple your profits safely by Bill Poulos full of valuable content that you won’t find anywhere else. Get these free Forex Scalping Cheatsheets just now!If you’re like me, you get pretty tired of all the self proclaimed “experts” who appear out of nowhere on the Internet every other day! All of them claim to have the cure for cancer, global hunger, your financial problems and that you can lose 18lbs just by looking at the cover of their E-book to boot!So when I heard that there was another Trading Webinar being held tomorrow at 3:30pm EST, I wasn’t very excited to be totally honest with you. I mean, how many webinars can you go to where a self appointed “expert”, who probably doesn’t make money trading – tells you how you can have success where he’s failed before you go crazy?

Then I heard it was veteran Chicago Floor Trader Bob Iaccino doing the webinar and I went from disinterested to excited pretty quickly! You see, Bob’s been on the front lines of the markets for 16 years. When CNBC wants to have the perspective of a real trader, they call on Bob up to 20 times per month! When someone like that offers to share their years worth of hard won knowledge and experience, then I listen and you should too.To register for Bob’s Live webinar, click on the link below. There’s actually several times to choose from. There’s one at 3:30pm EST and another Live webinar at 8:30pm EST.

Seats are filling up fast and there’s only so many they can fit in there. Bob said they are going to have a transcript available, but you’ll want to be there Live so you can ask your questions and see for yourself what his classroom is all about. So if you want to have the opportunity to spend some time with a proven pro, get yourself into Bob’s webinar tomorrow. Your trading just may depend on it!

Did you watch Part 1 of the brand new video Forex training I told you yesterday that reveals 35+ year trading veteran Bill Poulos’s recent Forex discovery? (And his astoundingly frank & HONEST “Trader’s MIND Map”?) It’s already shaking things up and breaking old paradigms in the Forex trading community. See what one trader had to say:

“I have been trading the Forex markets for 3 years, and I can honestly say this is probably one of the most interesting videos I have seen. Bill, you have a gift of being able to explain a
method that every one can understand, look forward to your next video…”

And that’s just 1 of dozens of similar comments posted just yesterday afternoon…but wait until you see the next video…

* PART 2 is ready now!

It’s called…

* “Flexible Forex” Day Trading FREEDOM In Action

In the first video, you saw you a high level overview of how all the turmoil in the world right now is creating possible the best profit potential we’ve ever seen in the Forex markets…and then you saw you the flexible method Bill discovered that lets you trade as little or as much as you want… WHENEVER you want. In Part 2, he “zooms in” and shows you, step-by-step, how he quickly and easily spot trade setups…

* In all 6 major Forex pairs

* In any timeframe

Part of his discovery is the completely uncommon way he uses candlesticks… I’m not aware of anyone using them this way, and that’s one of the reasons it’s so powerful. (And no, he’s NOT using “candlestick patterns”.) You’ll also learn:

* Why you want to place your stop orders where you DON’T expect the market to go…

* How to get into a “F.R.E.E. trade” situation ASAP with all your Forex trades…

* The kind of market you MUST avoid at all costs…

* His “super simple” risk management rules based on one of EINSTEIN’s principles that even an 8th grader could understand…

* A “hands-on” overview of one of the BEST charting & trading software solutions that makes Forex trading easier than ever…

* …and a TON more.

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