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Learn this powerful secret Fibonacci Retracement method FREE that pulls 500+ pips per trade. Get these Forex Scalping Cheatsheets FREE. Read this shocking FREE 40 page PDF FRWC Brutal Truth Report. Do you want to be a part of a global FX phenomenon? The entire trading world is still in a spin after the FRWC went live a few days ago. The FRWC almost threw the planet of its axis when they unleashed the world’s first trading SUPERBOT, Fusion-V 1.1a, which achieved a 355.46% profit in only 19 days with an average of 12 trades per day! That’s not all – wait until you see these:

– Robots With DNA
– How It Feels To Win $100,000
– The Official FRWC 40 Page Insider Report
– The Most Important Interview In FX History
– The Story Of The FRWC
– And A Whole Lot More…

All you have to do is make you way down here and they’re yours: There, you will find a collection of impressive videos that will give you the facts and figures on every aspect of the Forex Robot World Cup. You can also listen to an interview they conducted with FXCM, one of the biggest brokers in the world and get it straight from the horse’s mouth. AND, you can also see a full video of the guy who won the $100,000 First Prize! They could easily have charged a small fortune for the content you are about see but, for whatever their reasons, they are giving it away:

The FRWC is being held directly responsible for setting new standards of transparency in the automated Forex trading industry. They are taking it in a whole new direction and the best part is that it’s IRREVERSABLE! If you’ve read up to here then I’m sure you can tell how impressed I am with everything going on at the FRWC. This does not happen every day. This event is set to be the benchmark for many years to come! Don’t miss it! I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but these game-changing materials and the robots might be taken down soon, DO NOT miss it:

The FRWC has just unveiled the industry’s first SUPER ROBOT! In an unprecedented game-changing move, the FRWC has redefined the boundaries of the FX world. This single achievement rewrites the rulebook completely. There is simply no way for anyone else to compete with what the FRWC has done here. Nothing can prepare you for what you are about to see. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to witness a spectacle that will define the Forex industry for the next decade!

– The FRWC creates the world’s first SUPER ROBOT!
– 355.46% in 19 days of Live Trading!
– A Crowning Achievement in EA design – FIVE of the best Robots merged into ONE Marvel of technology – the best qualities of each with the weaknesses of none!
– Exclusive money management rules that aportion risk more evenly!
– 100% total access to the EA Lab!
– Investor passwords for verification!

Their track record speaks for itself: this year we have witnessed some truly groundbreaking work from the FRWC, but they have definitely saved the best for last. A perfect hybrid – there just aren’t any words that can accurately describe what this means for traders around-the-world. Nothing will ever be the same again…The Fusion-V 1.1a is going to change your life forever. You’d better be ready tomorrow!

Learn this exclusive secret Fibonacci Retracement method FREE that pulls 500+ pips per trade. Get these Forex Scalping Cheatsheets FREE. Download the FRWC Brutal Truth 40 Page PDF Report FREE on EAs and the 3 three mistakes you should never make while trading with them.


1. The most EXCLUSIVE piece of FX content you will EVER have access to

2. One more piece of solid proof that the Forex Robot World Cup
(FRWC) is the next big thing in automated FX trading.

3. What did the biggest and most important FX broker (currently having 150,000 live accounts) in the world think about the FRWC and why did they decide to become their official sponsor?

Ok… this is BIG so pay close attention here. As you know (most likely because you have been following their competition for months now) the FRWC held the biggest, most important, transparent, automated FX trading competition in the world. 329 FX robot developers from all over the world submitted their EAs to the competition in order to qualify for the 2 month
real-money, LIVE trading phase. How many qualified? 24!

That’s right… only 24… why? Quite simple – most did not have what it took to pass their tough qualification rules… rules designed to qualify only the best of the best. So…The last phase of the competition is over – the winning EAs are, hands-down, the next big thing to hit the FX industry, and will soon be available for purchase. So what does the FRWC have in store for you today? Well… to be honest, even I was amazed by this. I have never ever seen something like it done before in the industry.

An Exclusive Interview By the Forex Robot World Cup With FXCM…

…The Biggest And Most Important FX Broker In The World!

As you must know already, the FX business is all about credibility and transparency… something in short supply no matter where you look. And, bottom line, as in any other industry, there are the SERIOUS players and the “hit and miss” ones! Why did FXCM, the biggest and most respectable globally regulated FX broker in the world (they have over 150,000 live accounts!) decide to be an official sponsor of the FRWC? Well… you know the answer. The FRWC is a leading authority when it comes to automated FX trading and, trust us, the list of companies wanting and waiting to be associated with it is long.


– What does the biggest FX broker in the world think about the FRWC?

– Why did they decide to be official sponsors of the FRWC?

– What does FXCM think about the transparency of this competition?

– What is the biggest FX broker’s opinion on the fact that all EAs were traded on live accounts and results were updated LIVE?

– Why there is a big difference between real-money, live trading and back-testing / demo trading?

– What does liquidity have to do with anything when it comes to live trading? Hear the real answer for the very first time… no more speculation on this point!

– Why it was necessary to conduct such a competition, considering what current FX product buyers have available to them in the marketplace.

– Why has the MT4 platform become so popular?

– No restrictions, no dealing desk execution… what does that mean to FX traders? (IMPORTANT!)

– The HUGE benefit of FXCM’s partnership with Boston Technologies and how this can benefit YOU!

– What does FXCM have to say about scalping strategies? (you’ll want to hear this!)

…and much more!

This once in a lifetime interview will be available for a short period of time so if you are serious about automated FX trading, make sure you listen to it: This is one of those rare chances you get in life… a genuine turning point in the automated FX trading industry – do yourself a favor… do not miss it:

Get these Forex Scalping Cheatsheets FREE and know 5 different scalping methods plus the best times for forex scalping. These are not what you might be thinking. Learn this powerful Fibonacci Retracement method FREE that no EA can do and pulls 500+ pips per trader. Discover a hybrid Forex Robot that made an astounding 355.46% in just 19 days of FRWC Live Trading Competition. What I saw today was something I never thought we’d see for another 10 years. I sat in stunned silence for 3 minutes after I watched this video – you’ll understand why when you watch this. We’ve crossed a line here that changes things forever. As excited as I am, I honestly can’t help but be a little worried. Where do we go from here?

– See the World’s first Hybrid SUPER ROBOT!
– 19 days Live – 355.46%
– The Hearts of FIVE Robots in ONE Body!
– Exclusively Overhauled and Redesigned Money Management!
– 100% total access to the EA Lab!
– Investor passwords for verification!

This changes everything. How can any other marketers fight something like this? This is going to put every one of them out of business for good. Their plan has always been to give you just a little bit of a good thing to keep you coming back for more… but this is something entirely different. I think we’re witnessing not just a turning point in the history of Forex, but perhaps the world as well. How can an organization just hand over something like this? It just doesn’t make sense – there won’t be anything left to b-u-y if you get this. This is going to make a few lucky people insanely wealthy very soon. Are you going to be one of them? It goes on sale tomorrow!

Mark McRae:What would you do if you won $100,000? I just watched a video of the winner of the FRWC receive his prize. It’s actually quite interesting to watch people from different parts of the world, he is from Croatia – it looks very cold there. On the right-hand side of the page you can see the pictures of the other winners of the competition. The 1st place winner was a guy called Drazen Ziskovic who’s EA made 145.60% in two months.

In his very brief interview he talks a little about how he likes to test his EAs. He has been trading for six years, and he was actually one of the finalists in the 2007 MetaTrader challenge.Take a 4 minute break and check it out: Watching this whole FRWC take shape has been very interesting. It’s a different approach from the usual stuff out there. A lot of good content has come and gone, so make sure you don’t miss this video:

Discover the top ranked Forex Robot World Cup Robots. The cash prize for the top robot developer was $100,000. Get these Forex Scalping Cheatsheets FREE. Read the story of Richard Samuels, a post office mailman with a head injury and how he made a fortune with these Forex Signals. Below are the top five EA’s in the Forex Robot World Cup. These are live results that are updated every 15 minutes so they may have changed by the time you get there:

LMD-Multicurrency – 156.91%
HiRIDER – 83.20%
SuperVolcano – 29.56%
VREM2 – 26.03%
Nutcracker – 14.78%

If you consider that these robots started trading on the 1st of December, I think that’s pretty impressive. I know a lot of people are following this competition very closely, but live trading stops on Friday. If you’re into automated trading, then you’re going to find this site very interesting. Personally, I like HiRIDER, I like the look of its smooth equity curve. Anyway, I thought I would remind you that the live trading stops on Friday, and now is the time to check it out. After Friday I’m not sure what happens to the live results, but if you are interested, check them out now:

If you follow the Forex market then you probably know about the Forex Robot World Cup (FRWC) competition. It’s the one that most people are talking about right now, and with good reason. It’s the most transparent, credible and exciting thing to hit the Forex market since… FOREVER.

The top performing EAs will be available for purchase soon… and let us tell you, there is more proof for the FRWC EAs than anything else we have ever seen. This competition is so transparent that the transparency (live trading, updated every 15 minutes for almost 2 months now!) has become THE strongest reason for people to go to their website and stand in line to purchase the winning EAs once available. Not only can they now see the EAs trading live, they can have a look at all of the trades that any EA has made since the start of the live testing stage…The Forex Robot World Cup competition ends tomorrow, so… the robots will be available for purchase VERY soon. After ONLY 1 month and 27 days:

#1 Robot: 194.24% net profit
#2 Robot: 87.96% net profit
#3 Robot: 35.01% net profits

…real money, live accounts… updated every 15 minutes (have been since the beginning of the competition)… you can see them on the Forex Robot World Cup website. It just doesn’t get better than this! Imagine being able to own the best robots in the world NOT because a marketer tells you they are the best of the best… BUT because a transparent and objective competition established it.

Now… as you might recall, over 300 INDEPENDENT robot developers from all over the world joined the competition, HOWEVER… only 24 robots were selected to be part of the 2 month, real money, live trading phase. Yes, the qualification rules were tough… and yes, that is what YOU should demand when it comes to finding a reliable, stable and profitable forex robot.

No place for 2nd best with these guys… they have done a spectacular job when it comes to tough qualification rules and uncensored transparency. You can review all the participating robots on the Forex Robot World Cup website. By the way, FXCM and Boston Technologies are the official sponsors of the Forex Robot World Cup…when was the last time you saw companies like that lend their name to a Forex product?

Soon, you will be able to purchase the winning robots. Soon, for the first time, you will be able to automatically trade forex the way it SHOULD be traded. No more marketing hype… no more B.S. back-tests… no more Photoshop’ed account statements. This is a new beginning for many FX traders out there and truly a new standard in the FX industry.

Get these Forex Scalping Cheatsheets FREE. Learn Fibonacci Retracement. Discover the top 10 Forex Robot World Cup Ranked Robots just now! Automated trading is the name of the game now! Have you noticed just how many new trading robots are coming onto the market? They are generally called EAs or expert advisors. One day they are here… the next they are gone… all hype – all B.S. It just seems that every time I open my e-mail there’s a new EA being launched. What I also noticed is that they all have names that belong in comic books!

Not only do most of them not work but it’s becoming more and more apparent that these new bunches of EAs are really just a marketing exercise. This is VERY annoying because EAs are probably the future of our profession. Not only that, they allow people with full-time jobs to take part in the market and a good EA can produce much higher results than just about any traditional Forex trading method.

The world biggest forex robot competition Forex Robot World Cup with a cash prize of $150,000 for the winner forex robot developer started last month. You can check out Forex Robot World Cup Robots Results!(soon the robots will be available for sale) All I want you to do is go along to the Forex Robot World Cup website and check them out. I want you to see how it “should be done” when you buy an EA. I want you to see what real transparency looks like. I want you to see that robots sometimes DO lose but also can WlN big time if really good:

It’s almost like these guys read my mind. They were obviously fed up with the state of the market too. They decided to take a very brave step by offering $150,000 in prize money to anyone who could produce an EA that was good enough to compete in the FRWC based on their tough qualification rules.

They had over 300 entrants to the competition. That may seem a lot but, again, let me assure you that their rules were so strict that thousands of would-be pretenders couldn’t even qualify. And yes, as you can see on their website, only 24 robots qualified to participate in the live, real money trading phase. Simply put… they have taken this whole EA thing to a new level!

Now… not only did they agree to pay out a fortune in prize money to the winners, they also put their own money into the top 24 EAs. They opened live accounts and put $1,000 in a dedicated account for each EA. This is where it gets interesting…

The Forex Robot World Cup (FRWC) contracted some of the world’s top programmers to make it possible for you to see the statements and every trade made LIVE, updated every 15 minutes! Good or bad, you get to see exactly how each EA performs…Nearly everyone in the EA community knows of this competition and it’s being followed very closely. This will be the first time that the general public will have access to this type of transparency and product quality. The competition finishes this Friday so now is the time to go see the live results! Everyone has a favorite, and I’m just like everyone else – I like the LMD and HiRider EAs. They are presently sitting at positions one and two.

Early next week you will be able to put your name down for a copy of these EAs – just watch your inbox very closely as the FRWC is releasing a very limited number of copies.

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