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3. What did the biggest and most important FX broker (currently having 150,000 live accounts) in the world think about the FRWC and why did they decide to become their official sponsor?

Ok… this is BIG so pay close attention here. As you know (most likely because you have been following their competition for months now) the FRWC held the biggest, most important, transparent, automated FX trading competition in the world. 329 FX robot developers from all over the world submitted their EAs to the competition in order to qualify for the 2 month
real-money, LIVE trading phase. How many qualified? 24!

That’s right… only 24… why? Quite simple – most did not have what it took to pass their tough qualification rules… rules designed to qualify only the best of the best. So…The last phase of the competition is over – the winning EAs are, hands-down, the next big thing to hit the FX industry, and will soon be available for purchase. So what does the FRWC have in store for you today? Well… to be honest, even I was amazed by this. I have never ever seen something like it done before in the industry.

An Exclusive Interview By the Forex Robot World Cup With FXCM…

…The Biggest And Most Important FX Broker In The World!

As you must know already, the FX business is all about credibility and transparency… something in short supply no matter where you look. And, bottom line, as in any other industry, there are the SERIOUS players and the “hit and miss” ones! Why did FXCM, the biggest and most respectable globally regulated FX broker in the world (they have over 150,000 live accounts!) decide to be an official sponsor of the FRWC? Well… you know the answer. The FRWC is a leading authority when it comes to automated FX trading and, trust us, the list of companies wanting and waiting to be associated with it is long.


– What does the biggest FX broker in the world think about the FRWC?

– Why did they decide to be official sponsors of the FRWC?

– What does FXCM think about the transparency of this competition?

– What is the biggest FX broker’s opinion on the fact that all EAs were traded on live accounts and results were updated LIVE?

– Why there is a big difference between real-money, live trading and back-testing / demo trading?

– What does liquidity have to do with anything when it comes to live trading? Hear the real answer for the very first time… no more speculation on this point!

– Why it was necessary to conduct such a competition, considering what current FX product buyers have available to them in the marketplace.

– Why has the MT4 platform become so popular?

– No restrictions, no dealing desk execution… what does that mean to FX traders? (IMPORTANT!)

– The HUGE benefit of FXCM’s partnership with Boston Technologies and how this can benefit YOU!

– What does FXCM have to say about scalping strategies? (you’ll want to hear this!)

…and much more!

This once in a lifetime interview will be available for a short period of time so if you are serious about automated FX trading, make sure you listen to it: This is one of those rare chances you get in life… a genuine turning point in the automated FX trading industry – do yourself a favor… do not miss it: