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The great news is that learning how to invest is like learning how to drive a car or learning how to swim. When you first start, it always seems difficult and even scary at times.

However, with enough persistence and practice, you will eventually master it. And once you get the hang of it, it will seem so natural and easy! And just like driving and swimming, the skill of investing is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Remember that nothing great ever comes easy. If investing was that easy, then everybody would quit their jobs and spend their free time making millions from the markets. The reality is that most people lack the will power and self-confidence to master anything new. The moment things get slightly challenging; these losers will start giving themselves excuses and give up.

Well, thank goodness I did not choose to say, “I can never do it”! Instead, I told myself that I would do whatever it takes to master this essential life skill. I knew that even if I had to read the materials over ten times and spend months practicing what I had learnt, it would be worth it. It is because of that choice I made in the past that today, I am able to create an additional source of income and wealth that others only dream of.

The concepts and strategies you learn are only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more you can learn and have to learn. The most important lessons will come from the actual experiencing of researching for stocks, studying charts and clicking the buy and sell button on your online brokerage account.

If you really want to become a great investor, I suggest that you attend a credible course on investing where you will have the chance to see live demonstrations and be personally coached by people who will help you every step of the way.

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Adam Khoo is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and a self-made millionaire by the age of 26. Discover his millionaire investing secrets and claim your FREE bonus chapter of his latest bestselling book ‘Secrets Of Millionaire Investors’ at Secrets Of Millionaire Investors.

It is my privilege and honour to share with you the steps that led to my journey in Value Investing. Having started at the young age of 15, I have learnt and uncovered secrets that have enabled me to create wealth through investing in the markets. Right now, I share and teach these same secrets to hundreds of graduates and fellow investors.

So, how did I get started in value investing?

My maternal grandfather was the one who first introduced me to the world of stock and shares. Since the age of 15, he would give me (as well as his other four grandchildren) shares in Singapore & Malaysian listed companies, during the Chinese Lunar New Year. My grandfather believed in giving shares instead of the customary cash, as he believed that it would teach one about the importance of saving and investing.

Since I was too young to have a brokerage account, my mother held them in trust for me. I was then able to start actively selling and buying more shares through her account. At about the same time, I started reading and got very interested in self-development books written by motivational gurus like Anthony Robbins (Unlimited Power), Bob Proctor (You Were Born Rich) & Napoleon Hill (Think & Grow Rich). After being exposed to their inspirational stories about the power of human potential, I started to get really motivated to achieve exceptional success & wealth in my life as well.

One of my first big goals was to earn my first million at the age of 26! This goal was especially inspired after reading about Anthony Robins, a former janitor and a high school dropout who became a millionaire at the age of 25. There were two important lessons about wealth that made the greatest impact on my life. The first lesson was that in order to become wealthy, I had to learn how to use my passion & talents to create multiple streams of income.

The second important lesson was that my wealth did not just depend on how much I earned, but rather how much I was able to save and invest. It was through the combined teachings of my father, my grandfather and these gurus that I learnt about the importance of being frugal. I learnt that in order to become rich, I had to learn to invest a lot more than I spent. And so, I developed the philosophy of delayed gratification, one of the most important ingredients to my financial success.

Having started learning about the importance of saving and investing, this has tremendously affected and benefited my life in terms of financial success. Today, investing serves as one of my income streams, an income stream that is highly recommend. Though you may not have gone through the experiences that have brought me to where I am today in regards to investing, these same experiences, lessons and secrets that I have uncovered are now available to you.

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Adam Khoo is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and a self-made millionaire by the age of 26. Discover his millionaire investing secrets and claim your FREE bonus chapter of his latest bestselling book ‘Secrets Of Millionaire Investors’ at Secrets Of Millionaire Investors.

I am sure that no matter where you are in your career, you desire to create more income for yourself. For most people, only two options come to mind.

Either they work much harder in their job and hope their boss notices their efforts and gives them a raise of 5-10%, or quit their job and find another company that will pay them 10-20% more.

When I talk about increasing your income, I don’t just mean by a measly 5%, 10% or 20%, I am talking about massively increasing your income by 50%, doubling it or even increasing it by three to five times, within 12 months!

Is this possible? Yes it is! And you can achieve this without quitting your job.

How? By not just focusing on your single, primary source of income. The only way to double or triple your income to create for yourself multiple streams of income. The rich never depend on one stream, but have multiple streams.

What Determines A Person’s Income?

Before you can increase your primary source of income, you must first understand what determines a person’s income.

Why is it that one person is paid $3,000 a month while another person is paid $30,000 a month?

Every time I ask this question to people, I get standard answers like, ‘age, qualifications, experience, luck, title, skill set, specialized knowledge, intelligence and so on.’ Well, none of this is really true!

A person’s income is determined by the amount of value he creates multiplied by the time he spends creating that value, multiplied by the scalability factor. In other words,


In other words, in order to increase your income, you must increase the amount of value you create, the time you spend creating value or/and your scalability factor.

Focus on increasing either one and you can’t help but increase your income.

When you start to do more high value activities, you will simply be paid more more for the work you do. That is why a CEO earns more than a middle manager, because the work he does is more valuable to the company.

When you start spending more of the time you have everyday to only focus on high value activities, you will be creating more value overall and increase you income at the same time.

When you scale your value, the amount of wealth you can build is limitless and your wealth can only grow exponentially.

So focus on these three areas and massively increase your income today.

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Adam Khoo is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and a self-made millionaire by the age of 26. Discover his million dollar secrets and claim your FREE audio CD program ‘7 Steps To Financial Freedom’ here.

Let me first ask you this question, ‘why are you not rich yet?’ ‘What has prevented you from getting the wealth you deserve?’

Spend some time to really ponder on this question and write down as many reasons as you can think of. It is important that you are totally honest with yourself.

Most people tend to say:

‘I have no money to make money’
‘I was born in a poor family’
‘I need to support my family’
‘I am too young/old’
‘I’m not smart enough’
‘I have no opportunities’
‘I lack the qualifications’
‘I have an unsupportive spouse’
‘I lack the financial know-how’
‘I have no luck’
‘The economy has been down’
‘I made poor decisions’

Do any of the reasons shown here match the ones you have given? I want you to look at all the reasons you have been giving yourself and to take note of whether they are reasons that are within your control or external reasons that you think are beyond your control.

You see, most people go through life with the Victim’s mindset and this prevents them from ever changing their financial situation.

When they don’t get the results they want, victims tend to give themselves lots of excuses like ‘I’m just unlucky’, ‘I have no experience’, ‘I’m too old to earn more’, ‘I’m too young to be rich’, ‘I have no capital’, ‘I was born poor’ or ‘I’m not a creative person’.

The reason all these are lousy excuses is because we know that there are many examples of people who have created wealth for themselves, despite all these perceived disadvantages.

Victims also tend to blame everyone except themselves. When you ask victims why they are not rich yet they will say something like, ‘my boss won’t give me a raise’, ‘I don’t get any opportunities’, ‘my big family prevents me from saving money’, ‘the stock market caused me to lose everything’.

And instead of finding a way to improve and change, victims spend their time complaining but don’t do anything about it.

The trouble is that when you give yourself excuses, blame others and whine, it means that someone else or something else is controlling your life and your (lack of) wealth. Since you believe that it is not your fault, then you are powerless to change it.

If you have a victim’s mindset and hold doggedly onto the belief that external forces are controlling your wealth, then any strategies you learn will be of no use!

The moment you acknowledge that you create your own fortune (or lack of it), it means that you have given yourself the power to start becoming rich right now! When you learn the strategies of wealth creation, you will find that you can make money at any age, with any background, with little or no money and in any economy.

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Adam Khoo is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and a self-made millionaire by the age of 26. Discover his million dollar secrets and claim your FREE audio CD program ‘7 Steps To Financial Freedom’ here.

So how exactly can you make money? Of course, there’s always the fact that you need to generate income, either by getting a job or running your own business. But just how do you keep it? Below are just some basic tips on managing your money. As you begin to develop these attitudes and habits regarding your finances, you will eventually meet your financial goals, no matter how modest or ambitious they may be.

First of all, believe that you can achieve these goals and create wealth for yourself. By developing the habits of budgeting, saving and investing, you will be able to either pay off your debts, send your kids to good schools, start your own business, save for retirement or all of that and more.

What this article about is building financial wealth and what it should mean to you. The first thing to do is understanding the meaning of assets, liabilities and net worth. These three make up the simple formula of:


The kind of asset that you need to have is what’s called a wealth-creating asset, that is, something that generally increases in value or earns interest, such as:

Savings account.

Retirement plan.

Stocks and bonds.

Real estate property

A liability is called debt, which is money that you owe. They come in forms like:


Credit card balances

Loans (car, student, etc.)

Medical bills.

The difference between assets and liability is called net worth, and this is the measure of your financial wealth. The general idea is that your assets should be able to cover your liabilities and leave enough so that you are able to meet your financial targets.

So how do you do that? Three words:




Set goals

To start making money and keeping it, you need to set goals for yourself. Make a set of short-term goals (e.g. earning $6,000 in 4 years for a down payment to a house) and long -term goals as well (e.g. having $5,000 a month to live on in your retirement).

The more specific your goals are, the easier to assess how near or far you are in achieving them. In setting goals, be realistic and set a clear time period in achieving them. You also need to devise a plan of action to reach these goals while at the same time being flexible enough to be able to change goals and plans as you go along. Your plan should be framed around the things mentioned below:

Create a budget (and stick to it)

By creating a budget and keeping to it, you will be able to see where your money goes. This means setting aside a specific amount for specific expenses (for example $250 for rent, $50 for vehicle maintenance). This is usually made on a monthly basis. Another thing that a budget helps you do is seeing to it that you don’t spend more than what you make as well as finding ways to use your money that can increase your wealth.

To develop your budget, you have to figure out what your monthly income is and from that assign specific amounts to the expenses you make each month. It will also mean you have to keep track of your expenses to see whether you are following your budget. By knowing how much money comes in and knowing how it goes out as well will put you in control of your money, which is the first step in building your wealth.

Save and Invest

In addition to meeting your expenses, your budget should have an amount set aside for your savings. This, after all, is what you’ll be building your wealth on.

So now that you’ve set aside an amount to save monthly. Where are you going to put that money? The answer lies in investing or putting your money to work in order to make more money.

An investment is anything you’ve gotten yourself with the intentions of gaining benefit or income in the future. Investments increase by either making money for you (through interest or dividends) or by appreciating (gaining) in value over time. The money that is earned or the appreciation in value of these investments are what increases your wealth.

Investing can be very tricky as good ones will make you money while bad ones will lose you money. So be sure to do more than your fair share of homework and gather as much information as you can. Consider how much work you’ve put into getting your savings together, and match that effort in deciding which investments to work on.

This is just the beginnings of your plan to build your own personal wealth. Over time, the need to develop more complex strategies will arise. But they will never stray far from these three basic principles. So even as you start small, stick to the program. As things look up, you’ll be able to see just how far you’ve come and the contentment will be all the more satisfying.

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Everyone dreams of earning money while sleeping or taking a nap. With the Internet, the dream is now a reality. The Internet ahs made possible for professionals and businessmen to set up a home business.

Most people think that it is hard to set up an Internet home business. Truth is, it is very easy to do business in the Internet. All you need is basic knowledge of computers and the Internet and some basic marketing skills to begin your Internet home business.

Below are some basic guidelines in how to set-up and maintain a successful Internet home business.

1. Like in a traditional business, the first thing that you should do is to choose a product or service to sell. You can search the Internet for and ideal product to sell. You could also do a survey among your friends on what their needs are. You can create your own product, buy a resale rights or become an affiliate with a reputable Internet company.

2. Choose a good business domain name. This is a very important first step. What you must keep in mind is to keep your domain name as short as possible so potential customers would be easy to remember won’t have a hard time typing it in their browsers. A domain name like “thebestinternetbusness” might be a good name but it would be too cumbersome to type. Just look at some of the moist successful websites like Google and Yahoo who have very short names. It is also important that you make your domain name unique. If you choose a domain name like Internet Business then you’re site will just be lost along the millions of other internet business websites.

3. After you have decided on a good domain name it is now time to make your website. A good website is another essential element to the Internet home business success. First you have to design your website. Consider elements such as color schemes, buttons, special effects etc). It would be good practice to look at other home business website to get and idea and inspiration. There are also some pre set template available. After you have decided on the design it is now time to determine the items you wish to include in your website. A typical Internet home business website contains: Products And Services, Contact Information, Pricing, Testimonials, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Resources & Articles, Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, About Us, Site Map, Useful Links, On-line store.

4. After taking care of your website you are now ready to get into the web. Now you have to choose a good web hosting company that will provide server space for your website. A web hosting company is like a building and you home Internet business is a store in that building. There are several things you should look for when you are looking for a web hosing company. Remember that not all web hosting companies are alike. The first thing you need to consider when choosing a web hosting company is web space. The web hosting company must be able to accommodate the future expansion of your business. The space you need will vary, depending on how many pictures your pages use, whether you need sound files, video clips, etc. The next thing to consider after space is bandwidth allayment.

Keep in mind, that many free web hosts impose a limit on the amount of traffic your website can use per day and per month. This means the web host will disable your web site if the pages (and graphic images) on your site is beyond a certain number of times per day. The amount of bandwith wills depend on how you design your site, your target audience, and the number of visitors you’re able to attract to your site. In general, you would want a bandwidth allotment of at least 1 -3 GB. The last thing you need to consider is reliability and speed of access. This is very important since a site that is frequently down will definitely lose a lot of visitors. A site that is always down is will only frustrate your potential customers.

Now you’re home Internet home business is all set up. Don’t expect h that big earnings in the first few months. But if you follow the advice above, you will soon be earning money while you’re taking a nap.

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Daegan Smith is an Expert Internet Network Marketer. “Learn How To
Make $10,717 In Less Than a Week While Quickly And Easily EXPLODING
Your Network Marketing Organization Without EVER Buying a Single
Lead?” http://www.internetmlmsuccess.com

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